[Welcome] Minerall Guild - Custom Developers Intro

Hi all!

I’m Igor, head to the Minerall Guild.
My guild offers development services for people building on top of the NEAR
Protocol. Our main target here is to popularise the protocol and develop the whole NEAR Ecosystem.

We can create solutions of any complexity based on blockchain technologies, dApps, Defi, NFT Marketplaces, Mining Softwares, NEAR-integrated wallets or any individual solutions you may think of.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and get your quote right away!
The Minerall Guild website and contact form Minerall.io

Let’s keep in touch!


Hey @fallenmi and welcome Minerall Guild! It was great talking to you on Monday to get to know more about this Guild and the projects you’ve been working on since your launch in June with the other ‘first wave’ incubated Guilds.

Any information you can share regarding a road map for your Guild or any promotion plans you would like to undertake would also be helpful.

I’m tagging my colleagues @JMaenen @jcatnear in case you’re looking for support with developing an ‘we’re open for business’/introductory social media campaign to drive more projects in need of dev services your way. I will also be discussing how to spread the word about your services in my introductory call with INC4 Guild (@Primaveralina) this Friday, as promised.

On an administrative note: added some tags and edited your subject line, so hopefully it will be easy for anyone on the Forum to find this post and to get to know Minerall.
I hope you’ll continue to come back to post updates and to announce any new contracts you’re working on so we can contrinue to learn more about what this Guild is up to and if you need any support from us at NEAR!


Thanks for posting this, Igor! Really excited for this guild.

I know it’s probably too early, but if there’s a way for people to see what community projects the Minerall guild is working on and timeline for completion, maybe as a Trello board or a notion page, that would be amazing. That way, people know what projects are in the pipeline, and how much time they’d have to roughly wait to get your service.


Hey @fallenmi - hope all is well! I’ve also added a tag specific to your Guild [“minerall-guild”] for ease of reference for all posts from your Guild moving forward.

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Hi everyone!
It’s a pleasure to be part of this wonderful community!
Since the Guild launch, we have met a lot of new people and received a few interesting requests.

Indeed, it’s too early to report on the projects, since currently we’re working on product requirements and scopes definition.

We’ll be happy to share more specific news once we’re ready with the development schedules and start delivering.


Hi all!
I want to introduce you all an our project manager at Minerall Guild - Dmitriy @jedimindtricks and team are honored to be a development part of the NEAR Ecosystem!

Also, I want to announce the start of the new project!
Minerall Team has started work with NEARKAT NFT platform for the @NEAR_Core Team!
Here’s the first landing we’re going to develop


How do like these cute little nearkats? :heart_eyes:


@ross we are looking forward to productive cooperation!


Hey @fallenmi your team is doing great work on the landing page for the NFTs, just want to point out the community that we’re looking for new artists to create NFTs here. We won’t start with the NEAR cats as the story of how they were unveiled got a bunch of push back from the community. Still, we’ll be using this landing page as a scaffold to re-brand with art from other projects.

Keep up the good work, I’m playing with your prototype right now, it’s very smooth.


[Monthly Update] Hi all! :hugs:
I want to sum up the results of the past month! :spiral_calendar: :bar_chart:
We have completed work on the NEARKAT NFT project.

That’s was nice cooperation and it was nice to work with @ross and @NEAR_Core team :muscle:
Also,Minerall Guild is opened to new ideas and offers! :handshake:
If you have some interesting ideas, welcome: Minerall.io


Thank you for the great work @fallenmi. This project was created to be an open source template that anyone can fork, restyle, and launch an NEAR generative NFT set.

In the next few weeks, we will finalize the smart contracts that allow Generative NFT minting, and will connect them to this front end, with the help of the Minerall Guild.


[Monthly Update] :spiral_calendar:
Hi all!
Let me Introduce my self - my name is Dmytro and I am new Head of Minerall Guild!
I was a project manager on my Guild, also I’m project manager at Inc4 Guild!
Nice to meet you all :handshake:
In last month we have a lot of work. First of all - our team is preparing to NEAR Con, looking forward to meet all of you!
About the Guild work - my team and @ross works with a few projects. I hope that soon we will be able to share the results of our work with you. Can’t wait to share those all! :boom:
For now - Minerall Guild is ready to get some new offers, so If you have some interesting ideas - we are waiting for your request at Minerall.io :speech_balloon:
Stay tuned,
Minerall Guild Team! :pray:

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[Monthly Update] :spiral_calendar:
Hi mates!
We have skipped an October Update because our team hasn’t big updates.
All we have Is NEAR CON Preparing and a trip to Lisbon for this such cool conference!
But in November our team in collaborations with @starpause, @ross, @willemneal, and @iotachan has successfully announced the Near MISFITS! Thank you all guys for this project :tada:
It’s big pleasure to work with you! :pray:
Here is the link for the project - https://misfit.netlify.app/

If someone has NFTs from Misfits - share here!
Here is mine:

Looks funny :yum:

Stay tuned, more updates soon! :sunglasses:

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