[Idea] Portuguese NEAR Guild

Hi everyone! My name is Murilo and I want to introduce you an idea.

I live in Brazil, and here the majority don’t speak English, and barely know what crypto or NEAR is. The one who knows are disperse, without a channel telegram channel to group them. I told you three problems and I want to create a Portuguese NEAR Guild to start solving them.

As a web2 software engineer, I want to try some NEAR code examples and show them to the company I work, to start a community. In parallel I want to translate the NEAR website, wallet and docs to portuguese, so every portuguese speaker can understand. After, I want to create a more solid material so I can make a talk in meetups and events, about crypto and NEAR.

I never organized groups or guilds before, just meetups and events, so I want some help from people who are already in this world. I have some doubts and some ideas of where to start, but not a visible path, so could you describe how you started? What I described above is a good start?


Hi @murilooon, just got around to seeing this as I was slammed the past couple of days.

I love that! Just dropped you an email this morning. Happy to jump on a call to talk more about how we can build a great community in Brazil. In fact, we also have others in the NEAR ecosystem from Brazil who might be able to contribute to this guild once it has been set up.


You know where would be amazing? :eyes::full_moon_with_face: If we could just @ mention Portuguese-speaking-group here and connect everyone in one click!

Many ways to do this but could create a user group that is open to joining for anyone who wants to be in it (here on Discourse)


Wow, it would be awesome. And not only for portuguese, but for spanish, french and many others too… I never used Discourse before. Can I create this group or should I need a admin access?

Yes! This would be great! In fact, we need someone to actually spend time thinking about the onboarding for the platform. For example, we could design a custom Discourse Wizard that asks new users a set of questions and maps it to the corresponding fields on Discourse- Name, Country(drop down), Languages they speak, and maybe some other basic skills(designer, developer, community builder, etc) and use that information to add them to a group or assign roles etc. :point_up:@3UN1C3 take a look at this when you get a chance and see if it looks interesting. :slight_smile:

This solves the issue of people not going to their profiles section to discover these groups and add themselves…we’ll do it for them as part of their onboarding!

There’s this custom wizard plugin: Custom Wizard Plugin 🧙 - plugin - Discourse Meta

Just need someone to design it according to our specs.

Thanks, Murilo! AFAIK, you will need admin access to set up groups.