Near Protocol Bangladesh Guilds New Post

Guild Name:- Near Protocol Bangladesh

Guild Leader (s):- @Tafsirul555

Guild SputnikDAO Address: tafsirul555.near

Guild Location:- Bangladesh

My Plan to work NEAR Protocol :- I have a YouTube channel. I will make Video in Bengal Update of NEAR Protocol Project on my channel. I have a big community. I can bring Bangladeshi Trader, I can create a big community.I will encourage Bangladeshis to buy $NEAR Token

$NEAR is very popular in Bangladesh. So, I will do NEAR Protocol Promotion through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and Add to the NEAR Protocol Bangladesh group of my Community Members. And they will review the NEAR Protocol themselves like them

Who is this Guild intended for (the kind of membereship you’re looking to recruit / the intended audience you’re looking to reach with your activities)?:-
I will work with Bangladeshis on Near Protocol. I will spread Near Protocol among everyone. I’m looking for people who know Cypto Holder and Crypto well

What kind of value is your Guild planning on delivering / Why should someone participate?:-
By joining Near Protocol Bangladesh Community, everyone can express their opinion in Bengali if they want. This will increase their skill. ‌ And I will arrange AMA every month.

How can community members join your Guild? (i.e. social media channels, by commenting on this post, etc.):-
We are creating Bangladesh Community very soon. Everyone can join there. I will also share the community here. Keep Stay on the Near Protocol Official Group

My All Information:- :point_down:



Great to see NEAR Activity over in Bangladesh :tada:

Tagging our Guilds team so they’re in the loop and can help you with all things Guilds

@shreyas @Jessica


I believe @jcatnear is already in touch with @Tafsirul555. :slight_smile:

Quick note- can you update your post with the link to the Bangladesh community? Right now it links to your personal account. Would be great to have a link to the NEAR BD community, on Telegram/Discord or whatever platform you’re using.


Yes, I am opening Bangladesh Community very soon. @jcatnear Said, Funding Post create then open

is this still active, would like to get Bangladesh popping

I am also from Bangladesh. Can we work together?