Wallet in Yandex phone browser

Hello. In wallet everything works fine through a laptop/computer. But it is very embarrassing that there is a problem through the Yandex phone browser. I am restoring a wallet via a seed phrase and no Ledger Confirmation is required. Even when I staking coins, then for withdrawal, I requested and without Ledger I withdraw coins. It is not safe.

I add: different recovery methods were available on the phone, and Ledger was inactive (although the balance correctly shows the same as on the computer). And on the computer, on the contrary: Ledger is active, and does not show other recovery methods. I decided to add 2FA on my phone, the code came to the mail, but there was no field where to enter it. Nevertheless, 2FA became attached. (When withdrawing funds, it asks for a code). But the wallet stopped working through Ledger on the computer. The inscription that Ledger is active disappeared and, naturally, the withdrawal, staking does not work. How do I disable 2FA? I’m ready to create a new wallet and transfer everything to a new one.