ALERT! Near Wallet Log-Out Button Request

Im kindly requesting for a log out option/button on behalf of all near wallet users, i lost my device, and someone has transferred all my token from my wallet, pls its bad and not safe if near wallet doesnt have a log-out button yet. pls can there be a resolve to this already :face_holding_back_tears:



That’s Sad, Sorry Bro! :pleading_face:



Sorry to hear this happened to you.

Although there isn’t a log out function built-in atm, you can ‘logout’ by clearing the cookies of the browser.

Note: If you do this you should ensure you have a way to recover your wallet


Sorry to hear that.

You can use imtoken or metamask wallet to keep your assets on Aurora, there only one step:bridge your assets to Aurora by Rainbow bridge

By the way, you can get an Airdrop.

one hectic experience man :face_holding_back_tears: thank you

thanks but the device is not with me

thank you @jack all you said is useful :relieved:


So sorry about this, bro.

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feel bad for you bro I think you should abandon that wallet and create a new one hope you will get tho tough time it is also happened with me once

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@IamnotRapper Very sound advice.

Sorry for your lose too.

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@sterryo. Chai! This is so terrible. Sorry for your lose. If this is any consolation, know that a lose usually open the door for something bigger if you keep it positive.

A log out button should be given serious consideration really. Or maybe an option that allows one to have a security code to confirm withdrawal of transactions.

If it has happened to someone before and here is a repeat, something concrete should be done. It’s not enough to just gather to say sorry.
Only the bearer of the shoe can tell where it hurts…

Thank you so much for showing this concern, someone just informed me about enabling my Two-Factor Authentication which will always require sms to my phone for every transaction. this costs 4 near… I hope this a solution :pray: :pray: thank you @FabDab @iamnotrapper


Sorry but can I just ask?
For a while I accept that near wallet has no logout option but have you not applied passcode lock over your phone.

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nah, i didnt… @adisingha319

Do not worry buddy.
God will give your more than the loosing amount.


Amen​:pray:t5: Bless you fam

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This is Never a solution Hello guyz I lost all our asset again to wallet attack in January before I activated 2FA on my wallet, I am the council leader of Afrostar Guild, and the fund to run our projects was just payed. I regenerated a new pass-phrase, changed my e-mail, and also activated 2FA immediately after we got paid, since then i’ve been receiving OTP for every transaction i made with my wallet until the same attacker transferred all the funds in my wallet last night. all the funds are 130 NEAR he transferred it to wisdom1.near all these are meant for our project in afrostar guild.

I Searched the wallet on EXPLORE SEARCH BUTTON and i found out the wallet address was created in JAN. 15 2022 pls how can we trace this owner. our funds are still in his wallet.

Pls how can we track down WISDOM1.NEAR ! Pls thats the culprit.

Quite unlikely to be able to track those funds, unless sent to an exchange (at which point you should alert the exchange).

That said, I’d highly recommend securing your email with an offline 2FA application because it seems that it must be compromised.

I’d recommend removing those images of your email, too. Since the forum is a public place malicious attackers know which email to target.

I’ve removed them for now, feel free to resubmit with your email addresses edited out.

thank you @David_NEAR was a bad experience, yet to recover from that but moved on regardless :slightly_smiling_face: i will remove my mail, as you said.

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