Track and prioritize user feedback with

tl;dr we built a user feedback tracking tool - a crypto version of - and now we are looking for dApps and DAOs to use it.

As community member, send this to your favorite DAO and we will help them to accelerate adoption and grow their user base.

How Better works

Add any improvement idea to our demo repository at , tag it with “open” and it appears on this page: which you can also host for your own project, simply by forking our repo.

This page allows any whitelisted Discord role to vote on feature requests, and to fund them as bounties, for the dApp team or external contributors to pick up and implement.

Features: What it allows you to do

  • Track user feedback as Github issues
  • Allow whitelisted accounts to vote on your roadmap
  • Let anyone fund your issues as bounties

Benefits: What you get out of it

  • Receive more user feedback
  • Receive stronger signals on which features users want
  • Receive funding through bounties
  • Discover new talent
  • Customize UI design, chain and identity integrations
  • It’s all Open Source, free-to-use and free-to-fork
  • We maintain and upgrade it for you

Use Cases

  • User feedback tracking
  • Dev and content bounties
  • Community-led grant programs
  • Quadratic funding to allocate Ecosystem Funds

And best of all, anyone can set up a board, simply by forking our repo (

If Better sounds useful to you, join our Discord or DM us on Twitter

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Just pushed a new upgrade to our platform, allowing anyone to submit ideas and starting to work on bounties:

  • Without any login
  • With NEAR wallet login
  • With Polygon wallet login

Feel free to play around at

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Would love to use this for the NEAR Hacks | Bounty bounty board, dm @nearhacks on twitter

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Hey @nearbuild just DMd you on Twitter