[Proposal] Form a DAO, launch a social token, and manage community for record label with 20,000 followers

I’ve been contacted by a record label with 20,000 followers. To avoid any mishaps with token or account names being stolen I’ll refrain from naming them publicly UNTIL everything is set up.


Over 1 month I’m requesting $1200 and expect to onboard 1000 new wallets to NEAR in that time. My estimate comes from a modest 5% response rate against the label’s 20,000 followers.

Detailed Plan:

  • Consult with Record Label and Seed Club to verify my approach
  • Launch DAO on v2.sputnik.fund
  • Launch social token on tkn.farm
  • Launch discord with gated access by partnering with Collab Land
  • Manage the community (approximately 10 hours a week).


Since this is my first bounty/proposal in the NEAR ecosystem I’d like to request payment on a weekly basis at $300 a week. I will update this thread with progress each week.


This is awesome!! :boom: It sounds like something this team would support :100:
Thanks for bringing this up.
Would you like to touch base and discuss the details? If there is any additional support you need, we are here for that!!

It is a good idea

HAK is on the way:
1,Twitter https://twitter.com/hakisnear (11.9K Followers)
2,DAO on spunik V2 SputnikDAO 2 (700+ NEAR wallets added proposal)