NEAR Bounties DAO on Astro

Creating Opportunities Together

I’m excited to announce a new DAO vertical for connecting developers with bounties in the NEAR ecosystem. This categorical blockchain-based organization will provide necessary funding to various DAOs focused on identifying needs / problems and rewarding technical contributors.

For example, Dev DAO members will coordinate open tasks for engineers hoping to get involved with our community. All DAOvelopers are more than welcome to participate!

NEAR Bounties on Github

Please review available bounties and use this template to create new ones:

Also, I hope you reply here with any feedback :slight_smile:


v1 Bounties DAO

Council: @Gus + @Cameron


NEAR Bounties DAO

As an ecosystem of collaborative communities, NEAR is experimenting with bounties across various DAOs. We’ve already learned so much from the Open Web Sandbox and Createbase.

Astro DAO Platform

Now everyone has the power to supercharge their community using Astro. We love to see groups of individual agents collaborating from anywhere to make decisions together, collectively.

Bounties Feature

Astro enables Bounty proposals which means users could submit ideas for tasks / projects, to be completed by others interacting with the DAO.

Bounty Proposal Details

Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 6.10.20 PM

Claiming Bounties

Once a bounty is approved by a DAO, it will be listed under “Tasks” in the sidebar. You can review open bounties and claim the ability to earn rewards for completing that specific task.

Note: proposals must be approved when creating or completing a bounty, not when claiming.

Take Action!

Submit a proposal to add yourself as a member of this community of builders: Dev DAO :flying_saucer:

We may use GitHub Projects to be open while coordinating efforts:

Request for Bounty Proposals

What does our ecosystem actually need?

Let us know any ideas or questions! We’re hoping to improve our Bounties Program by empowering DAOs to reward contributors who are solving problems. Of course, this requires gathering feedback from stakeholders, and we’re looking forward to experimenting with the new polls feature in our general Community DAO for the Community Choice Awards on Astro :ballot_box:

Join Dev DAO :sparkles:

Review and Create Issues

Feel free to share any feedback here on the governance forum :classical_building:


This looks like it’s going to be infinitely more efficient and open than the bounties page. Is the bounties page going to run in unison?

Would be neat if we could populate that page with the bounties posted through the Bounties DAO.


This is such an awesome initiative! Looking forward to seeing it pan out :slight_smile: