The Marketing DAO Vertical

Simply put, the Marketing DAO Vertical was created for the purpose of unifying and improving the allocation of funds for more marketing-focused projects and in line with an overall funding strategy for Multi-Vertical DAOs.

:warning: PLEASE NOTE that the Marketing DAO Vertical is meant to support COMMUNITY-DRIVEN Marketing Campaigns and does intend to replace the Internal Marketing Efforts by NEAR Inc., NEAR Foundation, and other companies affiliated with NEAR. :warning:

What kinds of proposals does the Marketing DAO Vertical accept?

  • Growth Hacking
  • Social Media
  • Translations
  • Blogs
  • PR and Paid Media
  • Influencers
  • Events
  • Merch / Swag
  • Memes
  • Communication
  • Other paid marketing efforts

(or a combination of any of the above)

Rewards Structure

Applying for Funding

Steps for your Forum Topic:

  1. Create a new topic and make sure :memo::
  • It is posted under the Marketing Category.
  • It contains both the marketing-dao + daos tags.
  • The post title begins with [PROPOSAL] (e.g. [PROPOSAL] July 2021 Social Media Moderation budget for X Guild). Your post title should also give a brief overview of the project you’re proposing.
  1. Post Specifics :bulb::
  • Guild name (if applicable)
  • Funding scheme: Monthly / Quarterly / Milestone-based etc.

Detail all marketing-related activities you hope to perform over the aforementioned timeframe. Be as specific as possible, and include the following information per activity:

  • Expected impact and value you foresee for the NEAR ecosystem / community
  • How will you measure its impact and success?
  • Aside from you, how many people do you foresee to being involved?
  • Estimated timeline and milestones to be achived
  • Links to similar, previously funded forum proposals (if applicable)
  1. Please include payout related information at the end :credit_card::
  • Total requested amount in USD and NEAR (price based at the time of posting)
  • NEAR wallet ID
  • Wallet owner’s Name

Steps for your Payout Request:

To avoid complications, before filing your payout request, please wait for your proposal to be updated from [PROPOSAL] to [APPROVED].

  1. Go to the Marketing Sputnik DAO.
  2. Choose: Create New Proposal > Payout
  3. Attach your APPROVED forum post link.
  4. Add a brief description of the proposal. You can also reference the council member who approved or was consulted prior to the payout request.
  5. Indicate the payout in USD (in the description) and add the equivalent in $NEAR in the payout field. Please add a screenshot of the token price (from coingecko or coinmarketcap) for verification purposes in a comment on the originally approved Forum post.


I’m new or an existing Guild transitioning to the DAO verticals, how do I know if I’m writing my proposal correctly?

As this is a fairly new DAO, I’m more than willing to hear your questions and clarifications. Please reach out to me here (@jcatnear) or schedule a Calendly with me so we can go over your project together! This may also help get your proposal approved by the council faster.

What if I just have an idea and not a fully-realized proposal?

WE LOVE THOSE! Just start a topic with [IDEA] in the title and use the ideas tag to share it around. It would be great include as much information as possible on the idea so other members are more likely to engage with it.

Is there a maximum budget/limit per proposal?

There is no hard limit or maximum budget for a proposal. However, for the first few months, we highly encourage anything above 2000 NEAR to be discussed with any of the council members before a proposal is submitted.

Our stance on reimbursement requests:

We are working towards the new process of filing everything in advance so project owners can get the resources they need to start their project ASAP. We highly discourage filing reimbursement requests unless previously instructed by more than 1 member of the council.

How long do I have to wait for funding?

We’ll do our best to check the Forum daily for any new proposals but please give the council within 7-14 days to get it approved/funded.

Working with Bounties (within the Forum) :moneybag:

For Guilds looking for extra hands: :palms_up_together:

Once you receive funding and find out you need more manpower, we highly encourage you to use the Marketing category as a space to outsource one-off marketing-related work! Just start your topics begin with [BOUNTY] and have the bounties tag to get others informed!

Accepting Bounties posted on the Forum :money_mouth_face:

As of now, let’s keep all conversations related to accepting and submitting work for bounties within the corresponding forum topic. This is to keep everything transparent for the security of both parties and for council members to be informed (and can step in as needed).

Opportunities as an Individual:

  • If you’re an individual looking for other existing bounties, we highly recommend checking the Open Web Sandbox and participating in their Discord.

  • If you’re looking to join an existing guild, check out the Guilds subcategory in the forum, or just leave a comment here and someone from the team will reach out!

  • If you want to start your own guild, you can start here.

  • If you need additional support, reach out to me (@jcatnear) and any of the other council members.

Work in Progress:

  • Proposal Templates and Budget Ranges based on the projects we support
  • Additional instructions based on the proposed payment scheme (monthly, quarterly, milestone-based, etc)
  • Guides for accepting bounties
  • How to get your expected sum
  • How and When to Follow up
  • What if you aren’t funded

Future posts:

  • So your Marketing Proposal got funded… (Reporting Milestones and Measuring Successes)
  • Creating your own DAO under the Marketing Vertical
  • Social Media and Community Guides
  • Community Squad Bounties
  • Featuring Guilds with projects funded by the Marketing DAO Vertical

Looks awesome @jcatnear! Now time to assemble a Marketing DAO Council to help you get this off the ground.

Tagging some folks here who may be interested / would be great to see involved in community governance in this way as they have the expertise! @yadira @jake @vrdoingthings @ross @norah.near any takers?


Thanks @mecsbecs - Great post @jcatnear I love your work in progress section, it reads like a timeline of things I’ve always wanted to do.

I’d love to review and guide anyone who proposes a growth hack. I’ll watch the forum for people using the #growth tag, if there’s a better way to stay up to date with proposals please let me know.


Nice work @jcatnear

I come from a background in marketing / events organizing and would be happy to help out. Already working on some ideas for onboarding events…

If you are looking for council members can I offer myself :grin:


Hi, I’d love to chat about this!! I would certainly appreciate the help and a different set of eyes. Here’s my calendly:

Hope to talk soon!


Definitely! would love to be a part and get more involved.

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:raising_hand_woman: I would love to be involved in the council!!!


I'm in

The best part about a Guild or DAO is that anyone can create one, including yourself!

If you’ve got ideas (marketing or not) please propose them by detailing what action you’ll take, what results you’re expecting, and how much it will cost.

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One thing that I wanted to add here, and perhaps isn’t as clear as it should’ve been, is that all the DAO verticals are heading to a direction where they will be governed by the community.
You can look at the Creatives DAO (facilitated by @chloe & @mecsbecs) as an example. They’ve already started putting the processes, playbooks and structures in place. This is the same path that @jcatnear is talking- the process that’s happening right now it to set up the structures, document the learning etc. She’s also speaking with community members who have expressed interest in contributing and being part of this DAO council.

What’s changed:
Until now, all the proposals went to the Community Squad DAO. The goal is to streamline proposals to the relevant DAO verticals- Marketing, Privacy, Education, and more. This ensures that members from the community with the expertise and interest in leading these verticals can step up and help others that submit a proposal to their DAO vertical.
But I also know that there can be a disparity between desired outcomes, which in this case, is simplifying & streamlining funding vs actual outcome. Our goal, collectively, is to minimize this disparity.

Now that you have the context, to make this discussion more constructive, it would be great if you could let us know what you find complicated about this, and what according to you, can we do to simplify this. Feel free to comment below, or DM @jcatnear or myself.


(post deleted by author)


Hello Dacha, I see you’re up to something, demanding more outcome reports and questioning payment approvals. Well, there is nothing wrong with it. And I believe every member of community member has right to ask it.

But what I’m also observing that You’re accusing people on assumptions and using a harsh language-which is not right!(correct me if I’m wrong on this)

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Great this is the good place

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hi @mecsbecs

how are you? how is life? Hope everything is well.
I submitted recently this proposal and @tabear and @marianeu mentioned I should reach out to you guys regarding my initiative Save The Clan.

In this link I listed all the tasks that I am doing for Save The Clan and would like to ask for a budget for the next 6 monhts: [APPROVED] Guild "Afrika Burn - Save The Clan" - #57 by marianeu

let me know what you think and how I should proceed.

I wish you a lovely day and hope to see you soon again.


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Hey Claudia,

Looks like you’ve been directed to the MarketingDAO for funding. You can find the guide for submitting proposals here:


Thank you @David_NEAR
I just wrote the proposal in the Marketing DAO. .

Thank you @tabear and @marianeu for your support.


Thank you for sharing all the details of the DAO marketing vertical. But all the points related to financing aren’t completely clear to me. That is, you won’t be able to give exact guarantees for financing, so you won’t say the terms? I think this isn’t suitable for all teams, especially if they are members of the DAO. Maybe you can ask a few questions related to financing in PM? Open the privacy settings for me, please. Currently, I’m not connected with marketing and do not work in this field. Working with the E commerce Development Agency, which promotes my product, is enough for me. But soon, I plan to work on this myself.

Thank you for sharing all the details of the DAO marketing vertical. But all the points related to financing aren’t completely clear to me.

Hi @jcatnear I would love to chat more about our event we are planning in Bali in March. Your Calendly link is not working. How can we connect?