The Marketing DAO Vertical

Hi, would love to speak with either you or anyone that can advise on our upcoming event proposal for funding. Looking forward to hearing from someone soon thank you.


You can drop me a DM to discuss it further or create a thread somewhere if you like.

Hi, I believe that I’m new and can’t do DMs or can’t seem to find where/how you do this. Can we do email?

Hello @David_NEAR, thanks for all that you do. I do have an event I’d love to submit a proposal for but there’s no vertical to submit it too.

I’d appreciate if you can direct me on how to go about it.

Thank you so much. :slight_smile:


Hey, community event funding is temporarily on hold I believe, will see if I can get an update.

Thank you David. Expecting the feedback when its available.


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It is important to activate Mexico City. Web3 community is enormous and Creatives are the core of the City.

Many L1’s are gaining territory here, but I am here at the moment and we can blast a d0pe activation and gather all Creatives and tech them how to be Creative on near protocol