[BUDGET] Marketing Vertical DAO Budget Request for November 2021

The Marketing Vertical DAO Council Members are gearing up for another exciting month at NEAR!

As we enter November, and we continue continue to grow and evolve the Marketing DAO, the key change that we are beginning to introduce is a shift from Proposals Based Budget (where we asked only for the funds we have already allocated to the Community Squad DAO) to a General Monthly Budget (where we request sufficient funds to enable us to operate for the entire month).

There are a few key reasons for this change:

  • Transition into becoming a Trusted DAO. Marketing DAO will move from receiving funds from the Community Squad to applying and receiving funding directly from the NEAR Foundation.
  • Increase in efficiency at every level;
    • reduce the number of proposals Marketing DAO members have to create and Community Squad/Foundation has to assess and approve. Due to the nature of funding proposals, these can take time ti create, consider and approve. This would make it easier for all decision makers involved.
    • reduce the decision making and funding period for proposals. If the Marketing DAO has funds readily available, we can offer a much better experience.

Additional Context
October’s Budget proposal already had a contingency amount of $36,500 on top of the proposal that had been received and were being considered to date. We exceeded this budget earlier than expected, resulting in several proposals that have been approved having to wait for over a week to receive funds.

Additionally, we are concerned that the visible lack of funds of the Marketing DAO would deter potential projects from taking us seriously and submitting proposals.

Link to October’s Budget Proposal

Link to all proposals can be found on Governance Forum under the Marketing DAO link:

Budget for November
We are requesting $100,000 for the month of November (±12% increase from the October Budget)

The Marketing DAO Council meets once per week and engages in ongoing communication via Telegram and Basecamp. The Council is currently made up of three NEAR Foundation members and two Community members, so there are transparency and accountability check-points for the allocation of this funds.


Great idea @cryptocredit! I, as part of the Marketing DAO community, as well as the CEO of the Kitchen Guild, fully support this initiative!

We see how the quantity of guilds is increasing, and the requirements for them are increasing accordingly! I am very glad that you provide an opportunity to develop specialists like me and @baxoff. We do hard work everyday, which is evident from the volume of our work for October!

We would like to have fewer delays between financing, as it is very important for us to develop and it is very important to pay for the work of our specialists on time! We always work on a budget surplus, this allowed us to pay for part of the work of our bloggers immediately in early November in order to avoid anxiety within the team and maintain an atmosphere of friendship and honesty!

Our guild is ready for explosive growth, if Marketing DAO needs it, we can increase the number of our employees (bloggers) to 7-8 people by the end of the year, which corresponds to about a 30% increase in payments, but about 100% to the results at the end of each month!

Thanks again for the work that @marketingdao-council does!

There are a few requirements that I would like to see from each guild:

  1. Extreme openness (as we do);
  2. Increase in indicators, but without exponential price growth;

These points are especially important, we must be open, all expenses and all work must be made public. As for the increase in indicators, this should not go beyond the value of content - the price of content. This means the fact that guilds should work as efficiently as possible, as we do. The price of our viewing is still lower than advertising in Google and YouTube ADS for the audience we are aimed at. Thus we prove our effectiveness!


Good morning!

When DAO marketing calls will be available on YouTube?

Aslo quick friendly reminder from Near community member : all grantees should prepare detailed information about marketing activities, and be ready to write full transparent report of results after , which should include information about all expenses.



Hi @Dacha thanks for reminding of your suggestion to make marketing calls available to the community via YouTube.

We had our DAO weekly meeting this morning and discussed the idea, it was agreed that we will start recording our calls to give transparency.

We are also chasing all projects and guilds the we fund to remind them to post a detailed monthly report.

Thanks again for your suggestion :heart_eyes:


There is no doubt this kind of shift will definitely gear the Marketing DAO efficiency. I noticed a number of approved proposals(about 6) which were stuck (due to a known reason now). Thanks @marketingdao-council for the update.

This, in my opinion, should be a prerequisite for the next proposals. A detailed report of the previously funded proposal should precede the monthly proposal/budget. I think that would set a good transparency precedence.


It’s really great :blush: