Introducing: The Marketing DAO Council

Hey everyone :wave:

For those of you who haven’t met us yet, we’re the Marketing DAO Council.

We’re here to support projects, guilds, and communities in the NEAR Ecosystem with their marketing efforts and enable them to achieve their marketing goals.

Whether that’s through consultancy, ideation, or funding, the Marketing DAO is an open and accessible platform available to all in the NEARverse.

On that note, let’s get introduced to the Marketing DAO Council members:

NEAR Wallet: jcpacion.near

Forum Username: @jcatnear

I’ve been sucked in the crypto & blockchain rabbit hole for over 4 years. Talk to me about communications, social media, marketing, events, creative projects, and your favorite anime!

NEAR Wallet: cryptocredit.near

Forum Username: @cryptocredit

Old skool marketing man with experience across all sectors. Now running a farm and microbrewery in Italy. Exploring crypto since 2017 and keen to collaborate / contribute to the success of your NEAR projects.

NEAR Wallet: norahhl.near

Forum Username: @jnorah.near

Marketing and Ecosystem Success lead at NEAR Marcom team, passionate about Social Impact, Education, and SDG

NEAR Wallet: alejandro.near

Forum Username: @satojandro

Currently leading the Silicon Craftsmen Guild dedicated to Product and UX. In a former life, I was in the legal industry as a lawyer but I left that behind me to pursue decentralisation and openness on NEAR

NEAR Wallet: davidmo.near

Forum Username: @David_NEAR

Decentralisation maxi, crypto addict, and community builder. Feel free to shill me all your bags and, let’s face it, I’ll probably FOMO in.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the Marketing DAO feel free to get involved by assessing proposals and threads in the Marketing category of the forum. If you’d like to be on the Council then let us know and we can jump on a call!

Feel free to ping any one of us at any time for all things Marketing DAO


Excellent intro, keeping all things transparent. Thank you! :heart_eyes: