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Hello, my name is Evgeny, my team and I have come up with and are already implementing the idea of creating original content for the NEAR community. We create a poster on which we write information about upcoming events, positive moments and other informational things related to the NEAR Ecosystem, as well as on our posters we write questions that interest the NEAR community (most often we express this in a humorous form).

Our next step is to create a photo. To do this, one of our team members @Ihor stands in a crowded place with a poster in his hands until a good photo is received, after which the photo posted to our Twitter account. With such photographs, we want to tell about what is happening in the NEAR ecosystem, as well as express the opinion of the community and support it. We express information directly on behalf of the community, as we ourselves are an active part of it. We’ve already taken 5 photos so far and have received a lot of support from the NEAR community. Our photos:

Our plans for the coming months:
At the moment we are taking our photographs in a small provincial town, from next month we will move to the most beautiful city in Ukraine and will take photographs against the background of this beautiful city.
We will also consider the possibility of purchasing a professional camera in the future.

Our team:
Each member of our team has a specific role to play. I am the author of the text, and the photographer. @Ihor is the person who stands with the poster, he is also engaged in photo editing. @Evangel is our artist and helps me with photography. We plan (and have already partially realized it) to make several such publications a week in our tweeter channel. If an important event occurs in the Ecosystem, you can be sure that in our profile you will see a photo dedicated to this event.

Requested Funding Amount:
Gasoline - 5 NEAR/month (equivalents in USD = 25/month)
Pay out the according to hours spent: 75*3 NEAR per person/month(equivalents in USD = 400 per person/month)
Total Requested Funding Amount: 230 NEAR/month (equivalents in USD = 1225 USD/month)

Target wallet: manwithcardboard.near


Hi @haenko , we’re ready to fund this through the Marketing DAO vertical. With the recent change in token price, can you adjust your final payout request as well? In the future, we appreciate if you can specify the equivalents in USD as well. Thanks!

CC: @David_NEAR @cryptocredit

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Here is guild how to create proposal

Where is answers on these questions

Detail all marketing-related activities you hope to perform over the aforementioned timeframe. Be as specific as possible, and include the following information per activity:

  • Expected impact and value you foresee for the NEAR ecosystem / community ?
  • How will you measure its impact and success?
  • Estimated timeline and milestones to be achived
  • Links to similar, previously funded forum proposals (if applicable)

Does it take 75 hrs to create one sign a month /per person ?

@jcatnear @David_NEAR @cryptocredit ?

Your Twitter has only 37 followers and 4 posts in August. Zero posts in June and 1 in May .

What the value for Near community?
Why do you create signs on English language in non-English speaking country?

I think we need to put their payment on hold.

Could you please show your road map guys @haenko on September-December? Thank You and have a great day!

Hi Dacha, we have requested funding to implement our idea and not for pay for the last 5 posts. As for the fact that we published only 5 messages for all the time, I want to say that we did it without any funding and published messages whenever we wanted. Now we want to get funding for our idea and publish at least 2-3 posters per week.

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We answered these questions in our request.

There is also a partial answer to this question.

But there is a need required complete answer, then here it is: It is necessary to achieve at least 10 photos with a poster by the end of the month.

We didn’t find Links to similar, previously funded forum proposals, but if you know similar projects, please share the link with pleasure, we’ll see what kind of project it is and maybe even offer collaboration.

If you look at the statistics in our twitter, then we got an active return from Near community. In August (in which we posted only 4 tweets) we received 10k Tweet impressions, 1,019 Profile visits, 18 Mentions.

Also, the Near Community even made memes with us.

So I want to say that the community loves what we are doing, isn’t it a value to them?

This question is incorrect. Our main goal is to make a great photo that will appeal to Near community, we do not have the task of attracting the population from the street, we focus on Twitter and on Near community.

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Ok, thanks for explanation.


Dear @haenko how is your progress? I have found only two new posts in September.

You got a grand from Near (N250) and promised at least 10 posts a month (~ 2,5 post a week).

Attn: @jcatnear

Have a great day!


Hello Dacha! Thank you for actively following our Twitter profile. Unfortunately we had problems with the move, so in September we were able to post only 3 photos (we added another one this morning). We will try to post other 7 photos before the end of the month, but in any case, we will not apply for new funding until we close the promised plan.


Good morning! Thank You for updates :+1:


Here is report

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