The March updates regarding Meta Pool that I shared within my community and with my fellow Filipinos

In early March, while I briefly mentioned other activities and accomplishments related to Meta Pool, my primary focus was on providing updates about the upcoming relaunch of mpDAO and the migration phase to my networks and the Filipino community.

Below is a recap of the activities I engaged in concerning Meta Pool:

4 Video Content

:arrow_right:With #mpDAO Grants 6 completed, Meta Poolers should transfer their $META positions to the new mpDAO voting contract by April 30 for the upcoming $mpDAO token launch on May 1st. Emphasizing community governance, Meta Pool will transition fully to the $mpDAO token on May 1st, 2024, providing a FAQ guide and a brief video tutorial for easy voting.

2 Linkedin Article

:arrow_right:My LinkedIn article highlights the completion of #mpDAO Grants 6 and encourages Meta Poolers to transfer $META positions to the new mpDAO voting contract by April 30, ahead of the $mpDAO token launch on May 1st. It emphasizes community governance and offers insights on active engagement for rewards.

4 Medium Blogpost Article

:arrow_right:In my Medium blog series, I cover Meta Pool’s recent developments and initiatives. The posts include a breakdown of February’s progress, insights into the Meta to mpDAO token migration, key dates leading up to the mpDAO launch on May 1st, and stories of impactful community initiatives like the QF round via Giveth. These articles provide a comprehensive view of Meta Pool’s evolution, focusing on token transitions, community engagement, and the upcoming launch of the mpDAO.

4 X thread

:arrow_right:In my X thread content, I discuss the upcoming transition from $Meta to $mpDAO, exciting developments in Zealy Quest with prizes up to $350, and Chief Lucio Tato’s implementation of the governance token reset for Meta Pool. This content serves as a reminder of the migration process and highlights ongoing advancements in Meta Pool’s governance.

4 Infographics

:arrow_right:The infographic content covers a range of topics related to Meta Pool’s developments and community engagement. It includes a monthly recap for February, a guide on voting for validators within Meta Pool, and a Q&A session with Claudio Cossio discussing the upcoming re-launch of the $mpDAO token, migration phases, position unlocking, voting power changes, and more. Additionally, it congratulates all the projects that participated in the recent Meta Pool QF round via Giveth, showcasing the privilege of highlighting this initiative within the content.

2 X Space

:arrow_right:Ms. Harley, a prominent web3 influencer and founder of The Cult community, invited me to participate in a discussion alongside other web3 leaders. During this event, I had the opportunity to discuss the upcoming re-launch of mpDAO on May 1st and the migration phase. The experience was overwhelming as nearly 400 crypto enthusiasts were tuned in to the space.

:arrow_right:I hosted a space to delve into the Meta Pool token reset, titled “Pisces’ Discussion on Meta Pool’s Governance Tokenomics Reset.” I am thankful to the 45 individuals who joined and participated in the conversation.

The content for March highlights Meta Pool’s Governance Token Reset and its accomplishments, discussing the rationale behind it, the support received from the community, and providing guidance on the process. Meta Pool stands out as a significant platform in the dynamic Web3 landscape due to its commitment to fostering community participation, enhancing accessibility, and driving innovation in decentralized finance.