Monthly Report March MetaPool Ambassador

Hi Team

This was my third month as an ambassador, with new challenges and much learning.

Each action I undertook and every word I penned aimed at transcending my limitations.

Here’s a brief overview of my activities over the past month:

Despite having yet to join a Meta Pool event in person, I’ve engaged with online content and events.

Spaces on X:

I was a host in a space for discovering the benefits of mpDAO tokens for existing and potential holders.

I made 6 threads for X:

  • Dive into the meta_pool Ecosystem to try bridging and swapping with swing_xyz and discover exciting quests, partnerships, and integrations.
  • The countdown has begun! In just one week, we start our journey from META to mpDAO.
  • More than a token swap - it’s a leap towards our shared future
  • The META Migration to mpDAO: All You Need To Know Explained
  • Big news from the Meta Pool universe! :milky_way: Starting May 1st, 2024, we’re embracing the power of the community like never before.
  • The official transition from META to mpDAO tokens begins on April 15th.
  • Liquid staking has never been this better with meta_pool

:ocean: It’s like giving your crypto a job, except you still get to hang out with it.

  • Have you had a chance to join the Meta Pool Governance Call yet?
  • Get ready for an adventure with the new Zealy Sprint!

I made 1 post on Reddit:

Your Comprehensive Guide to the META to mpDAO Migration: Navigating the Transition

I made 1 post on Medium:

Liquid Staking: Revolutionizing Blockchain Earnings

I made 1 post on Linkden:

:loudspeaker: Introducing Proposal 3 - Governance Tokenomics Reset.

I asked many questions and participated in many spaces and calls.

I am proud that my reach and engagement have increased this month. I also want to mention that learning is getting bigger and bigger.

More than 1000 views per thread. And post.

Being an ambassador is a great opportunity.

Thank you very much

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