Sharing Meta Pool's January Activities to My Network and Filipino Community

In January, I’ll kick off the year by providing an overview of my Meta Pool activities, sharing updates with both my network and the Filipino community.

I showcased these achievements to both the wider community and my local audience. Here are the rundown of my activities related to Meta Pool:

2 Video Content:

On Youtube
:arrow_right: mpDAO Grants: Understanding it as Meta Pool’s constant highlight.
On X formerly Twitter
:arrow_right: A quick peek at this snippet covering Meta Pool’s roadmap for Q1 2024

Linkedin Content (2 articles)
:arrow_right:The first article invites you to participate in the Meta Pool and Giveth-Sponsored Quadratic Funding Round, emphasizing the collaborative effort to support groundbreaking projects. The second article provides a comprehensive overview of mpDAO Governance within Meta Pool, offering insights into the platform’s governance structure and its role in driving community-driven initiatives.

Medium Blogpost (4 articles)
:arrow_right:In my Medium blog posts, I cover about Meta Pool unveils its strategic move by adopting the Near Protocol for convenient and accessible staking. The platform is not only enhancing its technical capabilities but also prioritizing the elevation of Web3 communities through mpDAO Grants, as highlighted in the dynamic Open Call #6. The collaboration with Giveth on a new Quadratic Funding Round underscores Meta Pool’s commitment to promoting public goods initiatives in the Asia Pacific region. Additionally, the blog post sheds light on the ongoing mpDAO Grants initiative, emphasizing its role in encouraging community development and fostering Web3 innovations throughout the year 2024.

Twitter thread (8 X threads)

My Twitter threads talk about:
:arrow_right:Q Blockchain is offering unique gifts, available until the culmination of the Three Kings’ celebrations. Meanwhile, Meta Pool enthusiasts are invited to explore the platform’s dashboard and consider approving mpip 7, a proposal aimed at increasing the liquid staking fee on NEAR. Excitingly, mpDAO Grant 6 is on the horizon, scheduled for launch in February, promising further advancements. The ongoing Zealy sprint 2 by Meta Pool has been granted an extension until January 24, providing additional time for contributors. Additionally, the platform is making waves by sponsoring Giveth’s upcoming Quadratic Funding Round with a substantial ~$10,000 USD matching pool in mpETH. This collaborative initiative aims to support public goods projects in the Asia Pacific Region. Notably, Epoch 5 introduces $mpeth, prompting stakeholders to cast their votes on Yearn and actively shape the direction of Meta Pool’s trajectory.

Twitter Infographics (4 infographics)

:arrow_right:Following my latest infographic on mpDAO Governance! Highlights include the ongoing Quadratic Funding Round sponsored by Meta Pool and Giveth, welcoming projects in web3 development for the APAC region. The infographic also captures Meta Pool’s impactful start in the Web3 space this year. Additionally, get a sneak peek at the Q1, 2024 Roadmap.

Lens Protocol (4 Hey Content)
:arrow_right:In my concise Lens post, Meta Pool announces its expansion onto Velodrome, offering new engagement opportunities. The post emphasizes the community’s current needs, highlighting the significance of the recent collaboration with Giveth. Additionally, Meta Pool introduces Open Call #6 for mpDAO Grants, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to supporting innovative projects. The post concludes by providing a sneak peek into the highly anticipated Meta Pool Roadmap Highlights for Q1 2024.

Reddit (4 Post)
In my Reddit post I talked about:
:arrow_right:Q Blockchain is now live on Meta Pool, bringing exclusive opportunities. Check out the latest NEAR statistics on the Meta Pool Dashboard. Zealy Sprint 2’s success leads to an extension, continuing the quest for advancements. Meta Pool issues Open Call #6, urging community contributions to advance Web3 communities.

1 AMA event
:arrow_right:I received an invitation from The Hunts Town, a community of builders, to represent Meta Pool during the Brick Side Chat video and chat meetup. This opportunity allowed me to introduce Meta Pool’s Liquid Staking, provide insights into its recent activities, and answers community’s question about Meta Pool.

The majority of Meta Pool’s endeavors this January have been focused on extending support, especially towards promising projects. They’ve now partnered with another platform sharing their vision. We can anticipate seeing more projects flourish because of their efforts. I look forward to disseminating these stories to a broader audience. Until next time, thank you.