At the beginning of February, I kicked off the month by presenting an overview of my Meta Pool engagements, disseminating updates to my network and the Filipino community

I presented these accomplishments to both the broader community and my local audience. Here’s a summary of my activities related to Meta Pool:

2 Video Content:

On Youtube
:arrow_right: Instructions for contributing to your chosen initiative for Meta Pool’s Quadratic Funding on Giveth
On X formerly Twitter
:arrow_right:Your Guide to Voting on Preferred Proposals in Meta Pool’s Ongoing mpDAO Grants 6

Linkedin (4 articles)

:arrow_right:The series of LinkedIn articles covers the lifecycle of Meta Pool’s mpDAO Grants 6, from calling for project proposals to the community voting process, showcasing the innovation and diversity of the eight projects funded through Giveth’s quadratic funding. It culminates in highlighting the listing of Meta Pool’s mpETH on CoinGecko, marking a significant milestone in enhancing its visibility and accessibility in the crypto space.

Medium (3 blogpost article)

:arrow_right:The three Medium blog entries perfectly capture Meta Pool’s positive outlook for 2024 as well as its dedication to diversity and community involvement. Meta Pool has demonstrated its commitment to creating a welcoming and active Web3 community through various initiatives, such as “A Bold Start to 2024,” “Breaking Language Barriers: Meta Pool’s Multilingual Revolution,” and “Join the Meta Pool Valentine’s Sprint: Earn Rewards and Spread Love!” These efforts range from laying out lofty goals to addressing language barriers.

X Thread (3 X threads)

:arrow_right:I updated on Solana in Meta Pool via a series of concise tweets, showcasing the project’s growth into new blockchain ecosystems in association with Marinade Finance. In addition, I posted the opening of Meta Pool’s Quadratic Funding program, showcasing our dedication to assisting projects led by the community. The accomplishment of Meta Pool achieving 19 million NEAR stake, which highlights Meta Pool ongoing expansion and influence in the decentralized finance space, is the last point.

Infographics on X (3 series)

:arrow_right:In a three-part weekly infographic series, I covered various aspects of Meta Pool’s ecosystem. The first installment discussed Meta Pool’s Blockchain Ecosystem, followed by an exploration of MPIPs and mpDAO Grants in the second series. The final series highlighted Meta Pool’s Quadratic Funding initiative on Giveth, underscoring its dedication to decentralized decision-making and community support.

Reddit (4 post)

:arrow_right:In a series of my Reddit posts, I provided updates on Meta Pool’s recent activities. These included a summary of the January Recap Blog Post, a celebration of $stNear breaking records, the introduction of multilingual support for global accessibility, and the announcement of Meta Pool’s Governance Call, inviting community involvement in decision-making processes.

Lens Protocol (3 hey post)

:arrow_right:On Lens, my updates covered key Meta Pool initiatives: launching a program for Enterprise Node Operators, hosting the Valentines Zealy Sprint event, and introducing mpETH pools on Juiced by Yearn and Ajna. These posts underscore Meta Pool’s commitment to community engagement, enterprise collaboration, and expanding DeFi opportunities.

1 AMA Event

:arrow_right:I’ve been invited to discuss Meta Pool within this space, where conversations revolve around Web3 and its potential projects. During the discussion, I had the opportunity to elaborate on the potential collaborations Meta Pool could engage in across various projects.

1 In real life Meet up

:arrow_right:I coordinated a physical meetup where we delved into discussions on topics such as Learning to Meta Pool Governance, Liquid Staking, and digital certification. Additionally, I detailed the insights and experiences gained from this gathering in a Medium article, providing a platform to share valuable knowledge and foster community engagement in the realms of decentralized finance and blockchain technology.

This February’s contents emphasize Meta Pool’s numerous initiatives and accomplishments, from the introduction of fresh features like liquid staking and multilingual support to the introduction of new programs. Meta Pool is a major platform in the rapidly changing Web3 space because of its dedication to promoting community involvement, increasing accessibility, and accelerating innovation in decentralized finance.

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