June focused on Meta Pool mpDAO Grants 7, showcasing over 50 proposals from around the world

I’m sharing a summary of my activities, highlighting updates about Meta Pool for my global and local Filipino communities.

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5 Threads

I reminded everyone this month that June 3rd is when they should claim their monthly rewards. I brought attention about mpDAO Grants 7 and encouraged participation from the community. I also let everyone know that Questors were welcome to participate in the Meta Pool Zealy Sprint 5. Finally, I provided updates to the community regarding the mpDAO Grants 7 Voting Series countdown.

2 Medium Blogpost

In “Meta Pool Monthly Recap sa Buwan ng Mayo 2024,” my blog post, I emphasized Meta Pool’s noteworthy expansion and undertakings. I provide a thorough rundown of Meta Pool’s development and our members’ ongoing involvement.

2 LinkedIn Article

In my LinkedIn article “An Endeavor that Closes and Opens New Doors: mpDAO Grants 7 Voting Ends in 2 Days,” I discussed the nearing end of the mpDAO Grants 7 voting period and the exciting innovations and community engagement it brought. I also highlighted the new opportunities and ongoing evolution within the Meta Pool ecosystem as we welcome the next phase of mpDAO Grants 7.

2 Videos

This month, I released two videos. The first was a simple tutorial on how to vote for your favorite proposals, guiding viewers step-by-step through the process. The second video was a recap of a physical meetup I organized, where we discussed Meta Pool mpDAO Grants and shared insights from the event.

4 X Space

The “Weekend Freetalk with Pisces” Twitter space this month covered a number of interesting subjects. We began with a talk about mpDAO in the context of the Ethereum ecosystem, with special guests who were very interested in WEB3. The three sections of the upcoming sessions were devoted to an in-depth review of the mpDAO Grants 7 proposals, which covered all of the creative projects and concepts. Every section stimulated vibrant conversations among the community and offered insightful information.

1 IRL Meetup

I had the opportunity to speak with my fellow Gensan librarians this month during a physical meetup. We covered Web3, blockchain technologies, and cryptocurrencies, with a focus on Meta Pool, the project I work on. I described Meta Pool’s multichain governance that is community-focused and emphasized how it supports other projects with mpDAO Grants, including the mpDAO Grants 7.

Once again, Meta Pool has raised the bar in the crypto industry. I’m prepared for July’s activities.
See you next month!

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