April kicked off with excitement, as I'm prepared to share details about the expectations and advantages of Meta Pool's new governance token, mpDAO, and the ongoing Migration phase with both my global community and the Filipino community

Here’s a summary of my engagements connected to Meta Pool, including its ongoing and forthcoming events and transitions:

3 Video Content

On X Formerly Twitter
:arrow_right: Learn How you can Stake as low as 1 Near via Meta Pool
:arrow_right: Meta Migration this coming April 15 and the launch of mpDAO on May 1st.
:arrow_right: A simple tutorial on how to migrate quickly

X Thread (4 X threads)
:arrow_right: The discussions of my threads have revolved around claiming $stNEAR as a reward for active participation, the upcoming availability of $mpDAO on Uniswap starting May 1st, the live migration process to mpDAO for Meta, and the distribution of protocol fees totaling 5163 $stNEAR on May 3rd.

Infographics on X (4 Infographics)

:arrow_right: My infographics cover Meta Pool’s activities and achievements, key information about the new transitioning governance token, the ongoing Migration Process, and details of the tokenomics reset.

Linkedin (2 articles)

:arrow_right: In my LinkedIn articles, I covered Meta Pool’s growth journey in March 2024, emphasizing collaboration and empowerment. I introduced mpDAO, the governance token driving community participation and decision-making.

Medium (3 blogpost article)

:arrow_right: I’ve shared updates on Meta Pool’s Q2 2024 roadmap in one Medium blog post, aiming to inform and excite the community about upcoming developments. Another post highlights how community members can earn rewards through video contributions. Lastly, I recapped a recent physical meetup where we discussed Meta Pool’s tokenomic reset, fostering deeper connections among participants.

X Spaces (4 Series)

:arrow_right: My Twitter Space Every Weekends Free Talk Series has been an engaging platform where I connect with my audience to discuss various topics related to Meta Pool. We’ve covered significant themes such as Meta Pool Governance Tokenomics Reset, learning about Meta Migration to mpDAO, insights into the upcoming Meta Pool Multichain Governance, and the countdown to welcoming mpDAO. These discussions have allowed me to freely converse with my audience about Meta Pool-related subjects, and the series has seen a peak audience of 60 listeners during the last space session.

1 In Real Life Meet-up

:arrow_right: Discussion on Meta Pool and its Tokenomic Reset in a Physical Setup
We talked about the future convenience that Web3 will offer, the Meta Pool migration phase, and its scheduled launch on May 1st. A total of 11 guests participated in the discussion.

X Post (1 post)

:arrow_right:I also posted about Meta Pool hosting an event to celebrate the empowerment of women in web3, inspired by Kartini’s legacy (Kartini Day) of sharing knowledge and empowering others in the past.

This month has been highly anticipated, with expectations of positive outcomes from the changes in Meta Pool’s governance token ticker which is from $Meta to $mpDAO. Additionally, Meta Pool has revealed all the forthcoming activities as part of its plan.

Until next month Meta Poolers.