Vital Point AI


Introducing Vital Point AI

Vital Point AI uses blockchain, mixed reality, and data to build open-source solutions on NEAR Protocol that address governance and decision support challenges.

We welcome and train people with the desire, persistence and motivation to become NEAR certified developers to contribute to immediate, real-world use cases that we are interested in (or embark on their own projects).

Vital Point AI is structured as a private corporation in Canada; however, all our projects are open source. We embrace the open web and let those principles guide our decision making. We are building a next-generation organization using things like DAOs to manage decisions and resource allocation. NEAR is a foundational component of our current and future projects so aligning our efforts with NEAR’s guild program creates near perfect synergy :slight_smile:

Vital Point Academy is where we onboard, train, and incentivize new members to become NEAR certified developers and contribute to the NEAR ecosystem - accepting them at whatever level of knowledge/competency they have.

This graphic describes the relationship:

Vital Point AI is our headquarters and it’s where you’ll find more info about the projects we’re working on and the resources we have to offer.

Vital Point AI's Mission

To provide open-source solutions that innovate using blockchain, mixed reality, and data to address governance and decision support challenges.

That’s a fancy way of saying Vital Point AI exists to do four things:

  1. Welcome and train an army of NEAR certified developers
  2. Link them to collaborators, enablers and domain experts to foster innovation
  3. Give them a vibrant, inclusive community and resources to do it in
  4. So we can build incredible things together

Vital Point AI's History

Vital Point AI was established in 2017, but it’s our recent history that matters here beginning in June, 2020 when we joined the NEAR Guild program. Since then, we’ve been evolving, growing in number and skillsets, teaching and building open web projects on NEAR while integrating other promising tech like Ceramic and The Graph.

Originally, we envisioned a separate division of Vital Point AI for its guild activities focused heavily on recruiting and retention; however, soon realized that our contribution to the NEAR ecosystem since mid 2020 has been more biased towards projects and contributions (at least at this point) So, we’ve decided to stop referring to Vital Point Guild and just carry on business as Vital Point AI.

As we move into the future, more and more of what we do and how we do it will be governed by DAOs and other open web components - allowing the organization to emerge and evolve to suit the specific needs of its members while becoming a vital contributing entity in the NEAR ecosystem.

Who's Vital Point AI For?

Probably a lot of different types of people. It could be for you if:

  • You have desire and persistence to learn about blockchain (and other) technology as a developer
  • You are determined to learn enough about NEAR and supporting tech to enable you to positively contribute to Vital Point AI projects and activities (or start your own)
  • You want to code smart contracts
  • You want to ship real products
  • You want to work on projects that directly address a current need
  • You want to be part of a collaborative, inclusive, helpful, and diverse community that supports one another in their quest to reach individual and collective potential

It’s definitely not for you if:

  • You have no patience or tolerance to help others learn/improve
  • Your values/beliefs are such that you espouse hate, racism, discriminate, or treat others inhumanely or as inferior human beings
  • You can’t see the bigger picture and realize that we’re better as a team than we could ever be individually
  • You’re lazy or are expecting a handout simply because you show up
  • You think fraudulent activity, lying, stealing, and cheating your way to prosperity on the hard work of others is ok

Our members are judged by the Vital Point AI community and rewarded for their level of commitment and productivity - and that comes in many forms. I’d encourage you to reach out and see if we’re right for you.

The Stuff we do for the NEAR ecosystem

Not enough as far as I’m concerned - but we’re working on it. So far the guild:

  1. Has a major DAOO-based community platform it develops, maintains, and improves everyday called Catalyst.

  2. We run Vital Point Academy - where we provide NEAR Certified Developer courses and specialty courses focused on NEAR integration with other web 3.0 tech like Ceramic Network and The Graph.

  3. We take an active role in helping other projects - that means a lot - from building subgraphs on The Graph to promoting projects we believe in, to general mentorship and advice to new guilds (seeing as we’ve been here since pretty much the beginning of NEAR Guild time…)

  4. We sit advisory boards like the Guild’s Platform, are active contributors on the NEAR governance forum, and generally do our best to help bring NEAR to the masses.

I'm the Person Who Started Vital Point AI...

…And I’d love to welcome you to join me and others to do awesome things. I may have started Vital Point AI, but how it evolves and grows won’t be entirely up to me. I’m less of a Chief Executive Officer and more of a Chief Facilitator. I’m also our Sr NEAR developer and a NEAR certified instructor. Over time, I envision the community deciding the direction the organization takes - building value for everyone in the process.

Some of the components needed to enable that vision are still being built (would love your help), so in the meantime, I exist to nudge things in the right direction. A little about me:

Ready to Join Vital Point AI or Find out More?


See you in the community, or feel free to ask for more info below. Happy blockchaining.


This is amazing. Well written.


Hello Aaron…!!
I have just landed on the NEAR eco-system so plz excuse me for silly questions.
I am a Writer/Learning specialist (author of Teaching is Out, Learning is IN) and my research shows that there is a WHOLE LAYER of the education system that is missing which drives otherwise intelligent kids to drop-out and actually succeed BECAUSE they dropped-out…!! I am trying to build a VALUE chain around a concept called the Z Axis which can map “Learning Moments” and one important discovery (covid lessons!) is that EYE contact and Real World inter-action is VITAL to actual transformation. I can see lots of synergistic possibilities and I am keen to learn more. Thanks!!