Swine Guild Update

First we want to wish a Happy New Year to all the NEAR community from the Swine Guild members :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Since the last Swine Guild November Report🐷 there have been changes in both the team and how we operate. @chloe is no longer the Guild Lead and we are now transitioning to run as a DAO Astro with every Guild member on the council.

The Guild currently has five meme creation and translation teams - they are working hard to promote NEAR and projects built on the blockchain to English, Spanish, Russian, Tamil and Italian language speakers.

The Guild also has a wonderful new website https://swineguild.com/ created by @andrewm There you will find a meme library that is accessible to everyone!

Transitioning to the SwineDAO on Astro will allow us to be more transparent and work better as a team. We intend explore how we can make full use of this important tool as we move into 2022.

The Guild uses Discord and Telegram for general discussions between council members. Going forward we intend to make greater use of Telegram for Polls to ensure that team members have an equal say in our activities.

Despite the changes, Guild members have continued to create, translate and post memes throughout December. Memes are posted on Telegram, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Well done guys!

We have also had enquiries from new community members who are interested in joining the Guild to promote NEAR to other language speakers. We look forward to hearing from more of you!

Due to an accounting error in the November Funding Request there was insufficient funds to make a payout to @chloe for her work. DAO council members decided to donate a part of their November Payouts back to the DAO and we will making a Payout that will at least cover part of what she is owed.

We would also like it to be known that the DAO will not be making a funding request for December. Criticism of past payments made for memes has been noted and we hope to find the best way forward for everyone as soon as possible.

In future the Guild will post a monthly report on the Forum and each language team will follow up with a comment containing analysis and updates on their separate activities. This should ensure that the NEAR community will see a clear and transparent report from all the Swine Guild team members.

The Swine Guild is ready to build back better in 2022 :pig:


Great to see swine guild back to form!


This is great, it is important for the community to know that even under unfavorable circumstances we continue working with great desire to contribute to this great community.


This is awesome, reborn from difficulties is part of life.

I will quote this to highlight it:

it is really the right way, and this is for all the Guilds, every member of the community that is receiving any compensation/reward should share a report here, and then use the forum link to make the payout request on the respective DAO.

Keep going, all the best this NEAR year 2022, cheers :beers:


Good evening. Good point.

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