Swine Guild October Report🐷

NEAR herd, hogs, lovers and fighters! We present to you, the October Report for all the shenanigans we got into this month. It was a lot. We laughed, we cried, we gained two new language channels, we reached 1,000 followers on our Twitter, we poured our hearts out on podcasts, blogs, and livestreams, and we felt the strength of the community behind us and all around us at NEAR CON last week. We are blessed to have you all as our colleagues and co-conspirators in the mission for the mass adoption of NEAR.

Swine Guild English:

The English speaking crew posted 69 memes this month. We use a content schedule that gets updated 2 times a week, and we try to hit the big news and also niche information within the Ecosystem. We scatter our posts throughout telegram and discord channels, and we had a designated member for manning the Facebook meme page. In addition, we coordinate with a member of the Reddit team who disperses a few memes from our meme drop Monday posts. We made about 100 in total (we don’t post every single meme we make, some we don’t use or save for later), and 19 of those were for projects that requested our meme services for their marketing purposes. We streamline our meme making process through our private Meme Farm discord where we workshop memes and store memes and links for content that hasn’t been used yet. We enforced a structure of making memes from the content schedule that is filled with content and links for updates that need to be memed.

We work very efficiently as a team and produce memes that use a wide range of humor. This month was a big workshop month. We criticized and edited each other’s work in order to grow and get better at making this kind of content, and thought about catering to different audiences.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwineGuild

Facebook: Redirecting...


  1. Made 5-7 memes weekly about a variety of topics in the Near ecosystem (28 memes)
  2. Posting memes on $wine Guild Facebook page - sharing the contents all over facebook to get more traction, shared each post to over 11+ big crypto/crypto meme groups which has a minimum of 10k+ members
  3. Help with meme contest promotion on Facebook and on top platforms like dropsearn.com


  1. Made 5-7 memes weekly about a variety of topics in the Near ecosystem
  2. Did research for topics not listed on the main content schedule to bring in more diverse sources


Ongoing Monthly tasks:

Updating content schedule 2 times a week, researching for updates/news/topics/projects on NEAR, creating and consulting with me on 15% of the English Swine Guild meme content (we work on some memes together), reaching out to NEAR Team and NEAR Projects monthly for marketing requests, manager for individual contractors or other orgs we work with outside the guild, interacting and engaging with the community as a representative of the guild (appeared on the UX is Near podcast and the Rise & Grind daily show put on by 4NTS)

Additional Tasks Specific to Oct:

Filled in 5 days of the month when I was unable to post
Fulfilled 40% of meme requests
Worked (and is continuing to work) with Andrew to facilitate the creation of the Meme Library
Interfaced with NFT Artist Samtoshi for details about the contest we hosted
Responding to applications and interfacing with candidates for the guild
Appeared on an episode of AVB’s podcast, uxisnear w Coyote
Appeared on Rise and Grind livestream put on by 4NTS Guild


Ongoing Monthly Tasks:

Running the main Twitter account, researching for updates/news/topics/projects on NEAR, creating marketing strategies, creating 30% of the English Swine Guild meme content, reaching out to NEAR Guilds monthly for marketing requests, application and hiring manager for new and developing translation/language channels, hosting/judging contests, running the Twitter account, interacting and engaging with the community as the face of the guild (appeared on the UX is Near podcast and the Rise & Grind)

Additional Tasks Specific to Oct:

Brought on Swine Guild Italia
Brought on NEAR Venezuela
Fulfilled 60% of meme requests
Did an interview with LaDevochka for Women of NEAR
Appeared on an episode of AVB’s podcast, uxisnear w Sue

Sue and I worked together to review the roadmaps for the language channels and also create our roadmap for the next three months.

Roadmap - Swine Guild Roadmap 2.0 - Google Docs

Meme Requests from Projects in the NEAR Ecosystem

This is our free service and duty to the community that sets us apart from other meme groups. As of now, Sue and I take care of the meme request memes to ensure the quality is up to par for the projects that requested them. We stand ready to accept any meme challenge that will help further any project or launch in the Ecosystem. Any community member, artist, or project leader can request memes for their own marketing purposes on our website swineguild.com. Some requests are that we post for them on our accounts and they will retweet, but mostly we give the memes over to the requester to sue as they please.

The projects we worked with in October:

Paras card4card - 2 memes

Paras Comic - 4 memes

Bob Boom! Mini comic - 3 memes

OFP/Corpsemen - 2 memes

NEAR Philippines - 5 memes

ITSMYNE NFT Platform - 3 memes

We increased all engagements this month on our Twitter account.

Some analytics about the top Tweets from our Twitter

A general summary of our activity and increase in views, impressions, and followers.

Some analytics from our Facebook Page:

Meme Contests

Bob Boom! Mini Comic Meme Contest - helped host and judge the meme contest for the 1st mini comic series on NEAR, launching on Paras. NFT artist Samtoshi reached out to help host this contest and raise awareness for his nft series, the FIRST mini NFT comic on NEAR. IT will be launching on Nov 12th on Paras Comic.

Bob Boom! Twitter

Contest Post


  1. https://twitter.com/SwineGuild/status/1448683807868063755?s=20
  2. https://twitter.com/SwineGuild/status/1448682734063390722?s=20
  3. https://twitter.com/SwineGuild/status/1448682286833078277?s=20

Halloween themed meme contest w Swine Guild Russia - helped host and promote the meme contest that Swine Guild Russia wanted to put on. We made an English version of the graphic and encouraged people to submit on various telegram and discord channels. This was a fun and festive contest because it had a theme that was not crypto related but a very hot and trending topic due to the timing of the contest and it ending on Halloween. Clever! Bringing people in from multiple angles is a really smart marketing trick, and I think we did a pretty good job. This also helped the guild to increase in followers and get more content creators involved.

Contest Post


  1. https://twitter.com/SwineGuildRu/status/1455147967925608448?s=20
  2. https://twitter.com/SwineGuildRu/status/1455148047319674885?s=20
  3. https://twitter.com/SwineGuildRu/status/1455147967925608448?s=20

Meme Library

When we brought up the idea of the meme library, Andrew Mamus, who translates our content for Near Nigeria, made it known that he is also a web developer. He stepped up when we mentioned we needed help building a search engine meme library for NEAR memes, and has been working diligently this month to design a new version of the site that includes the meme library. Below is the link to the UI design he mocked up in Figma.

Building the website begins this month (today actually). He stated he will need about 2 weeks to get it fully operating. From there, any member of the community will be able to upload their memes to be used far and wide, since the purpose of memes is for them to be spread and used within conversations across any platform. We will upload all the memes we have made and will make as well, including memes in different languages. We will also scour the web ourselves and if we find other memes we like in the ecosystem and we get their consent, we will upload their work as well. In a sense, we will be meme librarians.

Other Language channels:

This month, I was taken aback by how much impact our guild could have in the global NEAR ecosystem and beyond. The language groups that have come to us with an idea to start their own language meme hub is overwhelming and incredible. Between our current language hubs and the crew of translators, 222 non-English memes were made and shared under the Swine Guild umbrella. As these language groups gain their footing on social media and the workflow of creating memes, we have seen nothing but enthusiasm and growth mindsets across the board. We are beyond excited to help the global ecosystem grow exponentially via creative memes and media marketing. We asked each group to make a roadmap for their social media accounts and content sharing to ensure that each one has tangible goals to guide them as they work. Read about these global channels and their plans below.

Swine Guild Russia:

3 members -

These 3 members work as a collective on ideas and creation of memes. They went from making and posting 10 memes a week and maintaining their account, to posting making and posting about 15 memes a week. They have shown consistency and a willingness to work for the growth they hope to see for a greater following and audience for their content.

They also co-hosted one of the meme contests with us,(it was their idea) and they created the promo graphic and posted it on their Twitter. We translated their graphic for our Twitter and promoted it in English as well to gain more attention and submissions. There were 95 meme submissions total. See winning memes above under Meme Contests. Between our two accounts, here are the analytics we achieved with these posts.

Link to Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwineGuildRu

Link to Telegram: Telegram: Contact @TheNearMemeTimes

Roadmap -


Swine Guild Italia:

2 members - These two members are amazing meme and content makers. This month, we brought them into the guild to get started with mostly translation of the English memes we were making and having them share and post on their own Italia Twitter. They made and translated memes this month, and posted 51 memes all together on their account, 48 in Italian. They began getting a feel for the space and got a better understanding of the social side of running a meme account. We have shared strategies with them and they are ready to boom! This month, they have devised a plan for growth in the Italian crypto space. They are planning to start and grow a Facebook and Instagram in addition to their Twitter, as well as making memes that cater to an Italian audience. Read more about their plans and goals below.

Roadmap - Swine Guild ITA Roadmap - Google Docs

October Analytics Report:

Swine Guild Hispano:

NEAR Venezuela

1 member - Yehosua has an amazing contributor from his entry into the guild. He came to me asking how he could contribute so I allowed him to create the guidelines for his role since he had his hands in so many hats in the Hispano community already. Helping run the NEAR Ven Twitter, he was able to post memes there according to the updates, projects, and requests we had from the community. He made 28 picture memes and 6 video memes in Spanish, and ¼ of them he shared in English with us to post as well.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NearVenezuela

Roadmap - Swine Guild Near Venezuela Roadmap - Google Docs


NEAR Dominicana

1 member - Miguel is a great addition to our crew. He has been working consistently with posting on the Dominicana instagram since before he even joined the guild. While he helps advertise and promote the Hispano bootcamps, he is also passionate about helping NFT artists market their work. He uses his social media influence and connections with NEAR to do so. He has been translating meme content, and making his own, to post on his Instagram and Twitter account and help get attention and a following to the facets of NEAR. He translated 29 memes to Spanish for us this month and continues to post them on his account.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NearDominicana

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/neardominicana/

Roadmap - NEAR DOMINICANA - Google Docs

Twitter Analytics:

Instagram Analytics:

Near Nigeria:

1 member - Andrew has been working on plans for the growth of Near Nigeria and has a lot of ideas in mind. He has been a consistent member of our guild, will jump on any project or request in a timely manner and does it all with an amazing willingness to learn and grow. His contributions are unique and amazing. He was ill for some of this month, but he still translated 25 memes and shared them on his account. Read his plans below to take his operations to the next level.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/near_nig




Partnering with NEAR MEME DAILY for two new events:

  1. Reddit AMA hosted by the Reddit team on r/nearprotocol where we will respond to 20 questions we choose with memes as our answers. We will provide the people asking with links to sources as well to further clarify our responses.
  2. Weekly #favoritememefriday where we each retweet our favorite meme from each other’s accounts that week. This will help cross pollinate our audiences and get more visibility. We also want to show we are in solidarity with each other and not in competition. In order to have a meme presence on the internet, one account will be a lot harder to develop without the support and network of other meme marketers.

Hiring a Market Research Assistant
We decided to make our meme-making operations run more smoothly, we wanted to bring someone in who can become expert at the research side of marketing, specifically for meme content, data, and trends that we can apply to making memes in the NEAR Ecosystem. This will free up some time for everyone in the guild to focus on topics in the Near ecosystem and streamline the actual creation of the memes using the information given by this Research Assistant to collaborate and create the best content. This position is still open for consideration, and will be til the end of this week. You may message @seriousbusinessusername on Telegram if you are interested.

Meme Library

As aforementioned, we will be working with Andrew this month on getting the site developed and supporting that endeavour any way we can. We will be putting memes from all of our language groups on it, and we will also allow the masses to upload their NEAR memes that will be posted on the site after some review by our team.

Swine Guild Tamil

We are bringing on an individual who reached out to us and proposed they use their pre-existing instagram account, a NEAR Tamil account, to open a new language hub with Swine Guild. They wrote an amazing proposal about the use of memes in their culture and included plans to scale up and grow their following. Take a look at this document and roadmap here: SWINE GUILD TAMIL Final - Google Docs

Language Channels blog series

I will be publishing articles in an interview style with each of the language hubs that are a part of the guild, starting this month. This article will be in English as well as in the language of the group or individual being interviewed. My goal with these articles is not only to bring awareness to their efforts, but to allow them to express how memes fit into their culture as an artifact of communication and capturing timely information. I also would love to hear about the crypto culture in their countries and how they think the NEAR Ecosystem fits into the larger picture of DeFi and innovation in their communities.

Swine Guild Nov - Jan Roadmap

Swine Guild has a new roadmap as we reached the end of our original roadmap we have been using since our launch. Take a gander to see these plans and more in a timeline for the next 3 months.

Road map - Swine Guild Roadmap 2.0 - Google Docs

Budget Breakdown

In the interest of transparency, we are sharing our budget, which we have been constantly updating when we onboard new projects. We are doing our best to allocate the fund to reward projects that have shown the most consistency and dedication, as well as provide incentives for growth as other projects and individuals continue on their journey with us. We have been showing our budget to the entire guild since we created it for their approval and they have always agreed to how we run things.

Below is a link to the breakdown of how we will use the fund for October payouts, and how we will be using the guild fund we created from September to support projects and positions within the guild that have been a long time coming in October.

We are proud and excited to see so much enthusiasm in the NEAR ecosystem among creators. Yes we make memes, but we plan and strategize, too, and ultimately we exist to serve the community and the larger concept of mass adoption. At the end of the day, we strive to be messengers of hope.

Oink oink, snort snort, and stay boarish on NEAR! Your fearless meme leaders thank you for all your support. Amen, and goodnight Brooklyn.


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Good morning dear cayotte. Please pay attention on quality of memes. Included report in your September’ report.

Victors content was blocked on DropsEarn TG group.

Just wondering how 2 gulid managers sue and cayote worked all this time without the Assistance.

Waiting for it . Could you please include information about every guild members : name /wallet/ payment/ detailed description

And, again please put attention on your Twitter content . Right now you’re promoting scammers (fake Aurora sale). I hope it’s just a mistake?



Impressive Work Guys :clap:


I’ve seen different guild pages on Twitter that belong to a certain location, different countries, can I become part of my country’s pig guild? Belgium.

I’ve already prepared a cover for a future Twitter page. :relaxed:


Hey, @wizkh if you’re looking to join the swine guild, please message: @coyotefugly or @cryptocredit — (do note that there’s a transition ongoing in the guild).

Or if you’re looking to start your own guild, fill out the guild creation form here: Start a Guild on NEAR

Good luck!

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