Swine Guild November Report🐷

Hi NEAR herd and hogs of the modern world! I hope you are all looking forward to closing this last chapter of the year and starting a fresh new journey in 2022! Despite some challenges in November, we are going strong.

To be very transparent, this month was a challenge for some members of our guild and the overall spirit of our operation was affected by this. We had multiple illnesses, some severe burnout, stress, and uncertainty. At one point earlier this month, I (Coyote), had to take a a few days to step back from leadership and evaluate if and how I could continue this work and give it all my effort and attention. I was blown away by the incredible support my team offered and their willingness to push through the challenges with me! They truly reminded me that I believe in our work. I am including this in our report for November because I want to emphasize the human nature of myself and everyone in this community. We all need grace and understanding from our fellow team members sometimes, and we have all been drawn here to this Ecosystem because each of us has a unique skill, talent, or enthusiasm that other kinds of communities don’t foster and reward. In this Ecosystem, we build ourselves up to be who we want to be, we share these goals and passions with each other, and amazing work and relationships flourish within it. New potentials are unlocked.

Though there was this brief pause in our operations earlier this month, we were still able to do some amazing work, and I was incredibly encouraged by the team’s response to my complete openness and by their ability to step up and support and their fellow team members. Because of this pause, some of the goals we wanted to achieve got pushed back about a week further than we had originally planned.

But none of this has stopped us! Our mission is still to create and foster quality meme content that can create a sense of camaraderie, culture, and liveliness to the internet presence of NEAR. We are constantly working with trends while also wanting to create original and engaging material that people can relate to. Our content has sparked many organic conversations and connections about NEAR as a crypto and. the NEAR community itself. We are still following our roadmap plans and we have adjusted the timeline accordingly. Below are the things we accomplished In November:

  • Posted 45 English memes on our Twitter and about 35 on Facebook about an array of topics in the NEAR Ecosystem, using info we gather and compile on our content schedule.

  • Worked with the Flying Rhino Guild - fulfilled 9 meme requests about other projects for their marketing and educational needs ( projects included NEAR Philippines, QSTN, Sankore 2.0, Myriad Social, and Bob Boom! Comic)

  • Published the first article in the “Minds Behind the Memes” series with Swine Guild Russia

  • Completely renovated our website!! Thanks to amazing web developer @andrewmamus, the site is now equipped with a meme search engine for anyone to search and download any memes for any NEAR marketing purpose. When you upload a meme, you can choose topic tags AND language tags, as we have 6 language groups in our guild to be able to help approve memes to be on the site and also upload our own monthly content from the guild. When you search, you are also able to choose a language filter from these 6 languages if you are looking for non-English language memes.

    • Through this uploading process, we have taken over the meme rewards from the Open Web Sandbox folks, and devised a new structure for how to reward the community for their original NEAR meme content using our newly designed website and search engine. We will approve and reward 30 of the best quality memes to remain on the site. (Official announcement to come)
  • Partnered with @naveen_in NEAR Meme Daily on a Reddit AMA on r/nearprotocol, the AMA is still live currently and we will be answering select questions from the comments with memes. This event will most likely end by the end of the week so those who we answer can be rewarded!

  • Increased engagement on our Facebook page substantially since October, with Trader posting once a day during the week and sharing posts in other groups (see stats below)

  • Hosted a meme contest centered on the theme of Sharding on NEAR and partnered with NEAR Misfits to give NFTs as rewards along with a NEAR prize

Winning memes:

  • Created Swine DAO, with 5 representatives from the guild to sit on the DAO council and vote on funding and guild decisions going forward. We are moving towards a more decentralized structure and very excited about it!

Account Reach & Stats



Upcoming Plans

Content - We revised our content schedule structure so that the content load is shared more equally between a few of us, and the posting is split between myself and @aklassen. This way I can focus more on helping the initiatives within the guild grow and have more time to support their projects. Swine Guild Content Schedule - Google Docs

Language Initiatives page on website - a landing page to find more info on each of the initiatives within the guild, with their missions and contact information for other projects to get in contact with them. We want to gain some visibility from a diverse range of community members, both new and established.

SWINE Token - Swine Guild RU approached me with the idea to create a $SWINE Token and create a $SWINE - $NEAR liquidity pool on Ref. We will use SWINE as payout for the meme contest rewards, and the winners will use the liquidity pool to swap their tokens for NEAR. In this way, we have our own individualized token to promote our guild, but we also develop a way to teach more of the community how to use NEAR projects like Ref.

Community Meme Rewards - as explained above, we will reward 30 memes a month that get submitted as uploads to our new website.

Reddit Strategy - we attempted this month and weren’t able to imitate the strategy of the Reddit team with just one team member posting, we will have to revise this plan to get that operation running and have more team members interacting on posts so they will not get flagged or banned (Reddit has a strict no-marketing policy)

Facebook ads - another thing we wanted to try this month to bring people to our page, but our main admin had issues with the payments for the ads via Facebook. I will be stepping in to assist this month with that issue and we are hoping to run two ads, one being the meme contest we put on.

Roadmaps for the next 3 months:

Swine Guild (English)- 3 Month Roadmap

Swine Initiatives - 3 Month Road Maps:

SwineGuildITA - 3 Month Roadmap

SwineGuildRU - 3 Month Roadmap

Near Dominicana - 3 Month Roadmap

Near Venezuela - 3 Month Roadmap

Tamil_Nearprotocol - 3 Month Roadmap

Translation to Spanish/Swine Guild - 3 Month Roadmap

Language Initiative November Reports & Funding Request
(Total funding request in USD and conversion to NEAR is at the bottom of this post)

Below are the individual reports of each of the initiatives/partnerships under the Swine Guild umbrella, their requests for funding, and lastly, the total guild funding request for November:

SwineGuildITA - Report for November @Fitz @cryptocredit

Funding Request - $2600 USD (2 members)

Tamil_Nearprotocol- Report for November

Funding Request - $600 USD (1 member)

Andrew Mamus - Report for November @andrewmamus

Funding Request - $5000 USD

SwineGuildRU - Report for November @Ralfusha @haenko @YoNota



Funding Request - $3750 USD (3 members)

Near Dominicana- Report for November @Portes

Funding Request - $1600 USD (1 member)

Near Venezuela - Reporte for November @yehosua.near

Funding Request - $1600 USD (1 member)

Ayerton’s Translation to Spanish - Report For November @aklassen

Funding Request - $800 USD

Coyote - Administrative duties, researching for updates/news/topics/projects on NEAR, creating marketing strategies, creating 25% of the English Swine Guild meme content, critiquing and approving all content that comes out of the guild, reaching out to NEAR Core, NEAR Guilds, and NEAR Projects monthly for marketing requests, application creator and hiring manager for new and developing translation/language channels, hosting/judging contests, creating promo graphics, running the Twitter account, interacting and engaging with the community, partnering with other NEAR initiatives, and moderating discord and telegram - $2600 USD

Victor - making 5-7 memes a week, helping with contest promotion, sole admin of Facebook group, Facebook page operation and outreach - $1200 USD

Raul - making 5 memes a week, assisting in finding content for content schedule - $700 USD

Total Funding in USD - $16,300

Total Funding Converted to NEAR - 1,990 NEAR

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement! We are nothing without our fellow community members, who we are extremely honored to work alongside in this fascinating Ecosystem. If you have any ideas for meme collaborations or need any meme content for your marketing needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to me on TG, hop into our Discord channel, or visit our website, swineguild.com.


Insane. NF granted $50 000 for Near Pad vs requested $16 300 for memes.

$45 per meme . Are you seriously guys ?

$3750/ 45 memes $83 per meme , insane guys.

32 memes + 6N gateway = $48,5 per meme ? Is it joke???

30 memes , $1600 , $53 per meme? Really?

The channel has 24 members

Do you think it’s great work ?

$35 per meme?

Why “sue” got $2600 in November? What kind of work he did?


  1. Reduce payment for memes to $5 per one meme included Twitter accounts management (and other groups). Establish quantity of memes per month 30

SwineGuildITA 30 memes x$5 = $150 + $150 for competitions

Tamil_Nearprotocol 30 memes x$5 = $150 + $150 for competitions

Andrew Mamus - Report for November $5000
without changes

SwineGuildRU 30 memes x$5 = $150 + $150 for competitions

Near Dominicana 30 memes x$5 = $150 + $150 for competitions

Near Venezuela 30 memes x$5 = $150 + $150 for competitions

Ayerton’s Translation to Spanish $800 without changes

  1. Reduce payment for @coyotefugly to $1840, 20 hrs a week x $23 (average hrs pay for social media specialist);

  2. Reduce payment for Victor to 28 memes X $5 = $140 + $100 assistance work.

Sorry, We cannot accept and pay him for Facebook group where 28 people.

  1. Reduce payment for Raul , 20 memes x$5 = $100 + $100 assistance work.

Total budget is $9 580 vs $16 300 requested

attn @Grace @jlwaugh @David_NEAR

Near Meme daily group create thousands cool memes for $2500 a month (vs $2650 requested payment for @coyotefugly only , wow).


Make sure, we can find millions people in our great community who ready to create memes for $5.


Thank you for this report! I’m sorry NEARvember was tough, and I hope NEARcember is better :slightly_smiling_face:

Question: What are your favorite NEAR memes that originated from Swine Guild efforts in 2021?

I’m curious to better understand your porkspective on the value and impact so far :pig:


Sorry, is it really fun memes , great management work and research?

Children eats toilet paper ?


Thanks @Grace and @David_NEAR for listening community.

Another one evidence of favoritism in NF. Everyone who has great relationships with NF can claim $20 000 monthly for poor quality of memes .

NF people don’t care about community opinions.


Dear @David_NEAR i don’t know for whom you wrote this topic

Today you yourself supported negative attitude toward other chains, approved and encouraged these memes from Swine Guild -


Probably, not everyone should follow rules.

Ps: to all Near Community members

If you know something say something

Drop Box for complaints: https://forms.gle/2HDw9Ua6UtkVRkhq7

Or @kmotiv in TG (100% anonymously)



This is not about favoritism, the fact is certain Guilds have proven themselves over many, many, months and are now Trusted.

Going back again to the long term goal of NF: to make itself redundant. It makes sense for us to be building these types of relationships up with prominent Community contributors in order to make that process a little more seamless.

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The Swine Guild produce hundreds, if not thousands, of memes per month. I do not have the bandwidth to monitor every single one.

I’ve raised this with their leadership team and will do so again :ballot_box_with_check:

Do not that the post from me is not an authoritarian rule, more a suggestion (which I hope others agree with)


The payment to sue.near was for his work in October, we received our fund a few days late into the month of November. His work was listed on the October report. He did not work with us in November which is why he does not appear on this report.

As for the facebook page, you may have been looking at the group. The page has a larger community, 50 people like it and 86 people follow it. Facebook is a different breed in terms of outreach and "following, especially in the crypto sector. It is used more in some countries than others, but we are wanting to fill up any nook we can with content that will help make people curious or want to get more involved with NEAR. NEAR is not a mainstream crypto at this point, so in our opinion it is actually an accomplishment to have this size of audience engaging with the content there. Other than the page just existing, Victor goes and posts in 10 or 11 other facebook groups about as frequently as he posts to gain visibility and engagement.

As for the Metapool meme, we all have different styles of humor! One of the things we are highlighting in the “Minds Behind the Memes” series is how humor and communication styles differ between cultures and regions, it even differs between ages and generations. Metapool retweeted and replied positively to that post, so that just furthers my point that people have their different tastes in what they think is funny and effective.

As for transparency, the funding requests I made this month came directly from the members themselves as I asked them to consider their time working on guild content and organization and ask for what they felt their time and effort was worth. I only worked with a few members to tweak a few of the requests. There is a A LOT that goes on behind the scenes for us as far as the work that we do, a lot of minor stuff that keeps the gears grinding. I list the roles very simply and usually don’t go into every detail about every task every single person has done on these reports because they would end up being very long. We all help each other at the drop of a hat. We don’t just make memes and post them into the void, we take active steps to create community around the work that we do. We have 6 other language initiatives, with content being created specifically to engage with and reach new communities. The guild has been a stepping stone for some of our members to get acquainted with projects they would have never have learned about if it wasn’t their job to help market it and make memes about it. In order to meme and market a project, you have to familiarize yourself with it to get a better understanding of how to talk about it, while also thinking of the audience you want to reach. This has led to them wanting to be more connected to the NEAR Ecosystem and even go off to work with other projects and start their own initiatives, which is incredible.

We work with so many projects behind the scenes that come to us with requests, and in most cases we give the memes over to them to use however they want to, and that’s why people might not recognize it as our work. And we are okay with that! After all, community is about unconditional support. Thank you for your comments and for challenging us to explain our impact and what we do more thoroughly!


Glad these got pointed out! I think sometimes because we are such a big group, comments and conversations get lost and buried in our chats. I will bring this up again to the guild and make sure we are all on the same page!


I have the ones I want to share with you in mind, I am digging through the archives as we speak :slight_smile:


“Proven” guild that works on 100% not transparent , makes bad memes for $53/meme, $62.5 /meme in RuGuild ($3750 /30 memes) (attn: @erik.near ) didn’t have DAO till December.

The guild “trusted” for you and @Grace , but not for Near Community. But who care about it, @David_NEAR , right? You don’t need community and hate people who asking questions. Who granted them this label ? Where is community vote?

You continue sabotage @illia and Web3 idea about members driven community.

How many independent community members in ecosystem DAO? Zero

How many independent community members in Marketing DAO? Zero.

I hope we can reach Ilia about it.

:100: favoritism and neglecting community opinions.
Closed club people who make money here.

Make sure, lot of community members behind of me, probably, NF people think we don’t see favor to particular persons.


Because you didnt read my comments below their September’s and October’s reports.

Could you please explain why we pay them $62.5 per meme Dave? Man, everyone see on that.

Why Near Meme daily budget less than Coyote salary in Swine Guild?


ThanksI Eventually, you make decision ask on Community questions.

Expect reduced payment request in January. As I said $5 per meme it’s a great payment. If you need people who ready to do this work you can create post in our TG group. Or I can’t find people for you, if you want.

It’s absolutely not acceptable pay $50-$70 per meme.

May be you don’t know, but $50-70 it’s average hourly pay for experienced IT developers in USA.

Dev in Ukrainian get $12.5-15 per hr, $7-10 in Nigeria, etc.

$70 it’s monthly food budget in Russia.

Near Crowd members get 0.14 cents for one work , $5,4 for 4-5 hrs.

I don’t know what kind of examples I need to show you that $50-70 it’s too much?

Thanks for transparency again.


Hey Dacha, I’ve always encouraged you to continue community-driven accountability.

I don’t think we need to delve into derogatory comments. This is absolutely not the case.

There are 2, @cryptocredit and @satojandro. We’re always open to hiring more, too. See the latest Gen C push from the MarketingDAO.

I only see your vocal opinions about this, which makes me believe that it might not necessarily be a thread which is as prevalent throughout the Community as you make it appear to be? If you’ve more info on this, please do share.

Ok, let’s vote one extra council :clap:

May be, boy nf people trying to do in since June.
Ok, probably you need extra 7 month to start implementing it.

Great guys, but depend on 100% from You and other NF councils (crypto - as you see Swine guild member, AVB has own guild and internal projects with NF).

Do it every time.

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From other individuals in the Community, rather than just your personal concerns?

Yes, absolutely! I agree. Goal is to remove NF members from this DAO entirely so expect it to expand.

What do you mean? One extra council member where? I’m all for expanding ( a lot of) councils rn :100:

Yes Dave. I get 3-5 messages every day.

Can you share them in another thread, please?

Ok, ok. Hope so. Thanks

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