Swine Guild November Report🐷

Hey @Dacha ,

Saw your proposal to join the MarketingDAO Council - awesome!!

Can you please create a separate thread on the forum with a post which covers the following:

  • Why you want to join the MarketingDAO
  • What experience you have re: proposals (that’s a lot!)
  • What value you can add to the MarketingDAO

Would be great if you’re available to join our weekly calls, too.

Thank you! :tada:


Good morning. Implementing community driven idea. I hope every community member will join in Marketing DAO soon.

Actually, no experience needed to join. If we talking about crypto : 4+ years and 6 months on the forum.

What value you can add to the MarketingDAO

Interesting question, what value can add community member? May be because I represent many people and guild members? Our 5 proposals recently won on Community Choose Awards. I get many messages every day from community members, they wanna see people who will represent them and Marketing DAO has nobody on middle Pillar.

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It wouldn’t be feasible, since there needs to be 50% consensus on votes to get funding passed through.

We welcome each and every community member to submit an application to join though, and to deliver feedback on proposals within the forum :100:

We have many ways and setting on great Astro website to do it feasible. Our goal is members driven Community .


Right now, it’s not possible on Astro to restrict the voting rights of roles - so not atm. In the future though, 100%

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Hey, I can see you’ve updated this.

Please create a separate thread on the forum with this in full. Thanks!

Also, maybe I didn’t make this clear. I didn’t mean marketing experience, I meant experience getting involved with proposals on the forum in whatever capacity.

Yes sure.

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