Stack for integrating Dart and Flutter with NEAR


Can anyone tell me what is the best approach to achieve the challenge of build apps that interact with NEAR with Dart for the backend and Flutter for the frontend?

I found in “web3dart”, a package for Dart to interact with Ethereum. I wonder if I can use web3dart to interact with Ethereum and code the smart contract with solidity and then use the Aurora Ethereum Virtual Machine to deploy it to NEAR.

I also find near_api_dart in github , but I unknown if it is mature or causes issues.

Or alternatively is it possible to do all the development more easyly with the Firefly API REST, manage the HTTP calls with Dart and leave the frontend to flutter and interacting with NEAR with Firefly? Can Firefly do this?

Hy mate, well so far i think the stacks available are only for JS, and Rust. I doubt if there is any flutter/Dart stack available for integration with NEAR. but hopefully maybe soon. #LetsKeepExploring