NEAR Network Dashboard and Explorer

Hello Everyone,

I am from Team Dapplooker ( ). We are integrating Near network on our platform as our NEAR grant is approved. We are looking to build NEAR network dashboards using subgraph and smart contract.
Few ideas for the dashboards:

  • Near <> Ethereum Bridge Dashboard with daily/weekly/monthly volume metrics
  • Near <> Aurora Bridge Dashboard

Looking for more suggestions on dashboards which will be useful community. Any Near Dapp who would like to build their analytics can DM me.
Please also share subgraph or smart contracts relevant for the dashboard.

CC: @jlwaugh @claudioac


As I was saying in the telegram channel, would be interesting to try and use croncat instead of the graph, seeing that near integration with the graph may not be fully implemented soon as they said here answering to my question

Hi @dapplooker - I am curious about how you went about collecting data on Aurora? Very interested in building out Aurora metrics, but having trouble decoding messages involving relay.aurora

What’s your experience with croncat? Can you share few docs.

Currently we are integrating Near network on our platform for analytics.
Aurora we can explore.
What kind of metrics you are looking to build for Aurora?

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Well, I’m looking at what you currently have available in the near.network_metrics table and see some Aurora stats. Curious about where you are pulling those from? Right now, I am working on decoding transaction events and NEAR messages can be decoded using standard base64. However, I have not been able to decode Aurora messages.

I’m not sure what I’d like to build yet, because I haven’t been able to get through to the data. I think we’re looking to build out something similar in terms of accessible data tables for NEAR. A goal of mine is to have similar such data available for Aurora txns that are rolling up into the NEAR blocks.

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Sure, I’ll be sharing the docs asap, they will be about checking nft contracts for ownership and can be used for video games and discord bots, I also wrote some tutorials for building video games, guys from the humanguild were interested in that when we spoke this Monday and the near_dev blog guy looked interested also.
Do you need snippets with a complete tutorial?
Would a GitHub repo with detailed readme do?

@forg we are pulling the data from JSON API. At Dapplooker, API endpoint can also act as data source.
We are looking to index Near and Aurora staking metrics for building time series dashboard. The schema of near_metrics will change soon. We are adding timestamp column in that table.

Will let you know when the dashboard is live.

Yes github repo with detailed readme should be fine :+1:

@forg @jilt Please find Near staking dashboard:

Users can run SQL queries on the indexed data, fork existing charts and build custom charts/dashboard: Near Staking Indexed Data

cc: @claudioac