[PROPOSAL] - Near Chain Signature Integration for Flutterchain

Onboard Inbound Funding Request for Flutterchain

Name of Proposal: Near Chain Signature Integration for Flutterchain

Proposal Type: Innovation Fund Request

Amount Requested (in USDC): 5,000 USDC

Payout Address: vlmoon.near

Open-Source License: MIT Open Source License

Outcomes & Deliverables:

  • Successful implementation of Near chain signature functionality within Flutterchain.

  • Comprehensive documentation for developers on using Near chain signatures with Flutterchain.

  • Integration of Near chain signatures showcased in the Flutterchain example project.

Solution: Expanding Flutterchain Capabilities with Near Chain Signatures

Flutterchain already empowers developers to interact with various blockchains. This proposal aims to unlock its full potential for Near by integrating Near chain signatures. This will streamline the process for developers using Flutterchain to sign transactions directly on their devices for Near blockchain applications.

Key benefits of this integration:

  • Simplified User Experience: Users can sign Near transactions directly within the Flutter app, eliminating the need for separate wallet interfaces for different chains.

  • Enhanced Security: Near’s native signing libraries ensure a secure signing process.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: The integration will be tested across all Flutter platforms (iOS, Android, Web) for seamless user experience.

  • Comprehensive Support: Integration will be accompanied by detailed documentation and potential incorporation into existing Flutterchain support channels.

Technical Approach:

  • Leveraging Near’s Expertise: We will utilize Near’s native signing libraries for secure and efficient transaction signing.

  • Seamless User Flow: Users will be able to select their Near account and sign transactions directly within the Flutter app.

  • Rigorous Testing: The integration will undergo comprehensive testing across different Flutter platforms and various Near wallet providers to guarantee functionality and compatibility.

  • Developer Support: We will provide comprehensive documentation and explore integration with existing Flutterchain support channels to empower developers.

Impact on the Web3 Ecosystem:

This integration aligns with the broader Web3 movement towards:

  • Reduced Complexity: By simplifying Near integration for Flutter developers, we are fostering a more user-friendly development environment for Near applications.

  • Unified Infrastructure: This integration promotes the development of user-friendly wallets and onboarding experiences within the Near ecosystem.

  • Increased Developer Adoption: Streamlined Near integration will attract more developers to the Flutterchain and Near ecosystems.

Relevance to Onboard DAO:

This proposal aligns with Onboard DAO’s mission by:

  • Improving onboarding: Near chain signature integration in Flutterchain streamlines the process for developers to build user-friendly Near applications.

  • Supporting critical Wallet + onboarding infrastructure: By simplifying Near integration, Flutterchain empowers developers to create user-friendly wallets and onboarding experiences for the Near ecosystem.

Team & Relevant Background:

  • vlmoon99 (GitHub nickname): I am the sole developer behind Flutterchain. I have experience in Flutter development and a strong understanding of blockchain technology. My GitHub account vlmoon99 showcases my contributions to Flutterchain.

Your funding proposal was approved

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Helping vlmoon to report due to him being a new account.

Near Chain Signature was successfully implemented. Now we supported 7 blockchains (Bitcoin, Eth, BNB,Polygon,Avalanche,Aurora,XRP). To see the result, you can watch the video “Flutter chain demo video - Google Drive” , or you can directly view the code on
flutterchain/chain_signatures_example at main · vlmoon99/flutterchain · GitHub”. Additionally, a website example was deployed “https://flutterchain-chain-signatures.web.app”.

Documentation for developers was also created, which includes a tutorial on how to use chain signatures on Flutter/Flutterchain. You can find it “flutterchain/documentation at main · vlmoon99/flutterchain · GitHub”.

The final part of the payment was successfully received from Yuen. In the end, I want to express my gratitude to OnboardDao for giving me this opportunity, and to Yuen for the good communication and project help.