Spirityut Guild Introduction 17/05/22n

Council members

Spirityut Dao aims to onboard more Africans into the Near Blockchain Ecosystem and Create an acceptable quality of Audio, Digital art Nfts and contents to promote in the Web3 Ecosystem and externally.

Our focus would be to develop strategies internally and externally through Blockchain means of promoting affiliated creators in Real Life and in the Ecosystem through marketing of these creators, their contents, and collaborations with other Daos, external brands, media houses and teams.

As a Dao we would focus on Building value for our creators/entertainers and as such becoming a notable Entertainment crew that can attract a large level of audience at what we call AUDIONFT Night. We shall be having this audio nft event periodically where we choke the show with entertainment activities and the display of our musicians. Promotion of NEAR NFTS would be the major aim of the event thereby promoting the Near Blockchain, Spirityut Dao and creators.
We shall also be enlightening the attendees with pivotal information on the NEAR Blockchain web3 way of doing things, i.e. about nfts, defi, Metaverse activities and related in the bid to impact the audience with some web3 and the Near Blockchain knowledge.

With the power of the decentralization and grants scheme with NEAR through the Creatives Dao, we are trying to encourage creativity by becoming a Blockchain Entertainment crew that will be known for promoting AUDIO NFTS, DIGITAL ART NFTS, CONTENT CREATION, PHOTOGRAPHY, FASHION and related, why? Because all these go hand in hand when building what we aim to be identified for. The Web3 Is an innovative that supports and encourages creativity and as such we would be looking to spread our reach in coming times in the web3 through activities and collaborations.

The African continent has huge potential to adopt the usage of the NEAR tech and we would like to be pioneers that will market the news of the Near blockchain and get onboarded individuals engaged in our web3 activities through the services and activities we would be proffering.

Project/Council Members



The Tune @TheTune100

The Tune
Greetings to the Creatives Dao My name is Akinbohun Adedotun (The Tune). I started pursuing my creative passion in year 2019, (Music) and since then i have been doing my best to create content that can be worth listening to and connecting with,

As a Versatile Singer, rapper and positive individual, I am glad to have a musical background as a church Drummer from childhood and combining my skills as a Bsc.Marketing holder and musician I have been able to network and connect with fellow community members and Daos in creation of NFTS and contents.

Personally, having taken part in Web3 musical Projects such as the Near Mixtape vol1 album, featuring artistes from various parts of the globe such as Nigeria, Cameroon, Canada, Indonesia, Poland, e.t.c which was Organised by Beatdao,

-Challenges ft Mubzy & Boy Chula

Dao Records BAYOR with recent premiere 19th Dec 22,
-Jungle with Sk the alternator & Cot Music

Web3 audionft Releases such as
-Sonic with Paul Crans, Founder BeatDao, Minted on Mintbase

-Sonic Video collaboration with NXM Musical Dao.


i am looking forward to encouraging creativity through onboarding creatives and development of promotional Strategies with the team to propel them in the web3 and externally.

Bright Phillips @ZAMAEL

My name is Bright Idara Phillips, also known as ZAMAEL. As a multi-faceted Nigerian creative, I have explored my abilities as a bead artist, a Fashion Entrepreneur and a Content creator, all of which are currently sustained simultaneously. As a graduate with BSc in Building Technology, I work as a Real Estate Admin-Manager at CeeplatProfile Limited Lagos, I have experience working as a Sales person and also as an Administrative Officer. I joined the NEAR Protocol last year, starting as a member of C1 guild, before eventually joining the SpiritYut DAO. With my combination of skills and abilities, I can function effectively as a council member of the SpiritYut DAO. I look forward to ensuring the growth and stability of SpiritYut, and also to introduce more African Creatives to the benefits of harnessing the Web 3 space.
With all being said, I believe my experience can provide the necessary input needed to take Near & Spirityut to greater heights.

Dianna @Marydian22

I’ve been in the crypto space for about 2 years now and have worked as an intern mod for 2 different projects including 9Ja Web3 hub and cronosnauts. I am also an active member of the Aurora and Near ecosystem for more than a year. An active member of Aurora Africa where we were thought on how to obtain an Aurora+ account. Also an active member of the Woo Network on Twitter, telegram and discord.

Plans: I plan to bring activities that will help to engage and enhance growth in the community.

Activities: the TG and Discord activities I plan to bring include;

  1. Quiz about music every Tuesday
  2. Music competition every Friday ( it’s gonna be a TG/Discord call and everyone will be given the opportunity to showcase their talents)
  3. Weekend games using Gamee bot games.

These are the activities I have in mind, will update the team of any other activities I would like to inculcate subsequently.

Dao address:





Location: Africa Nigeria

The SpiritYut Dao is strongly influenced by the will to create more value in the long run for the Near Blockchain and The Dao SpiritYut Guiild.



Creative Studio:

The aim of spirityut Studios Launching would be to create a conducive spot for the encouragement of creative skills and provision of studio equipments and gadgets to potential creative members and current Dao Creatives all over Nigeria for production of their creative, musical and photographic contents. Photography is a lucrative activity and is also needed in entertainment establishments for promotional purposes, we plan to encourage the craft of photography by providing these services also to the community at large for use in their projects. We’re looking to create value for the community to subscribe to.

Spirityut Membership Cards:

The Purchase of Nft cards which will enable the Onboarding of Musical and Photography creatives into the Near Ecosystem.
The purchase of these cards would give the creators free access to studio equipments use upon Schedule. This is a plan to encourage the creatives as the NFT cards to be minted via Spirityut mintbase store would be at an obvious discounted rate. The cards come with various options and utility and is all to support their passions courtesy the NF & CREATIVES DAO.

Podcast Launching

With the launching of our Creative space, in order to carry the building community along and ensure continuous engagement, a Podcast Show would kick off for the discussions of #Audionfts nfts, #Nearprotocol updates dao community updates. This would also serve as an entertainment platform for pivotal discussions.

*Community Calls

This would be the medium which we would all use to communicate with each other, share ideas and question ourselves about possible beneficial events that would be able to be achieved with “all our efforts".

With our meetings we would release information and Bounties which community members can take part in and keep the pace going.

We’ve had agreement of investing periodically with the investment platform made available @Ref.finance, off Dao Monthly Funding,

Below is proof of agreement between Dao and Financial Manager,

The Dao would be taking percentage of 20% off each nft sales that would be minted at the store for charity purposes.

Dao Vision and Mission


Revolutionizing African creativity through the means of block chain tech. Using Art & Craft as a key tool to impact, uplift and empower.


  • Creation of platforms for African youth to showcase and grow their talents (web3 & Irl)

  • Onboarding into the NEAR Blockchain Daos more fans and members in the long run through Spirityut

  • Charity organisation Affiliations, Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Collaborations with Entertainment groups/bodies.

  • Development of Marketing strategies to achieve sales in Nfts of Web3 African creatives, Web3 and the Real World.

Council Members

Dao Advisor



Wow, lots of amazing activities planned, and also original ones. Looking forward to seeing your development and upcoming proposals, as this DAO has something new and fresh to offer!



Cheers homie Paul, lol we got lots networking to do eventually hahaha its going to be a rideeee thanks for your encouragement Paul!! :anatomical_heart:.


Tuune, this is awesome, keep it up bro!


Big Respect Bro :pray:t5::anatomical_heart: thank you, great one with svara!!


Thanks for the opportunity Gr8ful :100::pray: with God’s Grace it’s a next level thing
One love :heart: :heart: :heart:


Amazing stuff. Can’t wait for the future!


Awesome. LET IT OUT FREESTYLE gonna be :bomb: :bomb:


I appreciate the opportunity to learn and serve , I look forward to doing the duties that will take the DAO to the next level and Totally change the game for creatives around where I am from and beyond !! Thank you @TheTune100 for all the energy !!!

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100 for you Licious, Brother lets keep the energy. Nice one fam :raised_hands:t4:

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Welcome here @ZAMAEL


Thank you for sharing your proposal. It means a lot that you want to build on NEAR.

Your proposal will be funded if it adds value to the NEAR ecosystem based on the metrics and current guidelines voted on by the community to have alignment with NF,

The results will be shared by 15th March.

You may answer other questions asked by community members, however you are not obliged to.

If creatives mods have any questions regarding your proposal, they will reach out to you here or on telegram.

If you have any doubts, please share them in the community calls on Monday 4pm UTC.