[Closed] Spirityut Dao Funding proposals ( July, August, September) 2023

About Spirityut Dao

Previous funding report

Activity in previous AstroDAO profile.

AstroDAO activities

Why team is best for funds
*The team consists of individuals capabale of executing tasks mentioned in Proposals.

*In terms of Ecosystem achievement Spirityut Dao council have been effective in the Near ecosystem with strategies to educate & onboard individuals & to promote Near Creatives through bounties, Purchasing ecosystem NFTS for display purposes & content creation including these creatives.

*The team is capable of spreading the word of Near and networking on behalf of the community in web3 and externally for awareness purposes.

Team Members:

Has been identified as a leader and Near #audionft enthusiast having taken part in various Web3 creative projects. Has been responsible for networking, educating, onboarding creatives & members, organising and idea generation for Near & Spirityut.

Having played official roles as council, Zamael has been responsible for Dao promotional flyers creation, onboarding creatives, educating on the protocol and spirityut to the community building and has been of value to the Dao.

New council member that has good web3 experience and is progressive about the Near and Spirityut communities.
Moderator & Social activities.

Media Team
Mogul Visuals, is a video director and cinematographer, who has the know how and experience of projecting creative ideas with the right tools. He is enthsiastic about collaborating with Spirityut in the “content creation areas” and we look forward to display of excellence.

Instagram: Moguls instagram

Facebook: Moguls Facebook

Freed is a talented, ambitious and hardworking individual, with broad skills and experience in cinematography, Photography and Editing,
He is looking to support with generating exquisite ideas for content creation.

Instagram: Freeds Instagram

There are crucial members also in the community that are inclusive in aiding activities for growth where necessary, memebers such as @tobyparadise01 that leads a devoted team of members for growth tasks.

Assisting Team

The aim is to collaborate various affiliated creatives to create value in various collaborations with the community.

Achievement information about the Dao

-100+ Near wallets opened
-Onboarded Talented Creatives to further propel the word of Near
-Active Crew members

On chain Activity

Number of approved Proposals in Ecosystem = 2

(First spirityut approved budget)

Second spirityut approved budget

Marketing Dao Closed website proposal

-Number of metaverse events = 4
-Number of current council = 2
-Number of Nfts @ store = 9
-Moderator @Marydian22

Google drive link to Social Proof of activities


Metaverse Event

Metaverse event 1

Beatdao Spirityut Metaverse event

Spatial Meet & Display event

Spirityut Youtube


Spirityut Instagram

Spirityut Spatail metaverse home

Spirityut Mintbase store

Spirityut telegram

Spirityut Discord

Spirityut medium

Community calls

Dao Genre
-Mixed Media


SpiritYut being a social/entertainment DAO is home to diverse categories of creatives including: musicians, fashion designers, graphic designers, cinematographers, photographers, dancers, developers, etc). We see entertainment as the focal point where all creative ideas converge, including developers.

Minting platform for projects would be “Spirityut Mintbase Store”

Furthermore, Spirityut aims to be a large family of Near Creatives & Near enthusiasts that will merge the Blockchains Tech into ways of operating, Irl and in the Web3. The constant conducting of events & activities to promote the Blockchain and its Creatives so as to attract more fans and supporters here in our axis of the world is a necessary goal. With the aid of the Nf & Creatives Dao, these are the areas we would be tackling as a Dao.


  • Spirityut top 7/5 in each creative category (The Gang)

  • Spirityut x Harmonic Dao website launch.

  • Set up of SpiritYut NEAR musical web3 Hub.

  • Release of Near Spirityut Creative Cards with utilities.

  • Online Marketing & Personal Marketing of released Near Spirityut Creative Cards.

  • Launching Spirityut Merchandise.

  • Audionfts Album release.

  • Street interviews and Road shows.

  • Audio NFTs Night in collaboration with Web3 Daos.

  • Graffiti events.

DAOs Milestones

  • 120 oboarded members in first 3 months.

  • Near creatives exclusive interviews.

  • Monthly release of 5 exclusive creative contents by Near Creatives, i.e, Music nft visuals, entertainment visuals and related with Near, Creatives and SpirityutDAO logos in display.

  • Educational videos monthly release.

  • Expansion of NFT collector base.

  • Partnership with key cultural centres in Lagos and Ogun state.


1: Proposal [SPIRITYUT -X- D19 LOUNGE] July 2023

*Total amount requested = $370

2: Proposal [SPIRITYUT CONTENT CREATION] August & September

*Total amount requested = $1,900

3: (PROPOSAL) Video coverage and editing of Spirityut dao event titled ‘Spirityut Near Fest’

*Total amount requested = $100

4: Payment for community activity 22

*Total amount requested = $70

  1. Management & Assistance Fee for activities= $900.

Total Amount Requested (July, August, September)

= $3,340 in Near.

Dao Address = spirityutdao.sputnik-dao.near

Goals of Daos Objective

  • Onboarding and strategised Near Education.

  • Collaborating with talented underdog creatives.

  • Ensuring increase in Near Metaverse Usage by members.

  • Promotion of creativity in real life and web3.

  • Creation of Awareness for Spirityut & Near Protocol amongst the Youths in our axis of the world.

  • Harnessing creative talents.

  • Becoming a notable Nft entertainment crew in Nigeria.

How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

With activities and incoming projects, the aim is to get more Nigerians and Africans and externally involved in Nears Decentraliation through marketing, personal contacts, social media, snd affiliations to further strengthen the community.

Activities that would be centered around getting them closer to Near Spirityut Creatives, Near Metaverse events, Near Irl events, sales of SpiritYut Merch, Onboarding and Education will be the goals of the Dao.

Spirityut is and we are glad that the Nearprotocol is our web3 home. The aim is to be identified as a Nigerian social Blockchain entertainment crew in everything we execute.

We want to take part in Nears Decentraliation and promote the cause of innate creativity in various ways through the Creatives Dao. We aim to be Nearprotocol pioneers while doing our activities as creatives, creating more awareness for all Parties involved.

Roadmap to reach the goal

  • Collaboration and networking on behalf of the community to foster growth.

  • Continued growth of social media presence.

  • Metaverse Interactions with the Nearhub from Community memebrs.

  • Onboarding and education.

  • Collaborating with Talented affiliates and community creatives.

What will the community or the team members’ role be?

  • Community team members are ready to collaborate with Near through Spirityut to create more value for themselves and Near Daos.

  • Working with the SpiritYut council and creatives dao for projects and assisting in execution of tasks.


So glad to be part of this journey, and always ready to continue with more passion. Very well composed bro​:+1: Positive result at the end​:pray:



The journey so far with the community as a whole has been eye opening and very resourceful. I hope to continue being an active member, contributing to the success and positive progress of this beautiful community


The proposal submitted to the funding vertical of CreativesDAO was reviewed and unfortunately rejected on June 16th.
Please check the [Report] June Proposal Review - Creatives Constellation - Google Sheets regarding feedback on your project and the proposal.

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