Proposal [SPIRITYUT CONTENT CREATION] August & September

  1. Project Description

This project is directed towards promotion of NEAR, Spirityut & Creatives Dao through Social Media Channels & the Web3, using quality creative contents.

This would involve the organising of content creation & visuals in collaboration with various Near musicians already creating a name in the Near web3 ecosystem.The contents would have Near, Creatives DAO, Spirityut and the logo of the market place which the particular music nft piece is minted, in view. This would be a way to create more awareness as a community about the Blockchain & the Daos and also for the creators, thereby promoting the #audionfts, Daos, the minting platform & Near.

To get the community involved, we would be having them select their favourite songs through poll Votes as to what released music nfts they would love to see visuals for and be part of, this is very important as the members also would be part of these projects. One of our activities on Discord titled: Music nfts & Chill would be useful in getting our community members abreast with Audionft projects and new nft releases that are their favourites.

At Music Nfts and chill (Our community Discord activity), we interact with NEAR community members & musicians and play their audionfts, as this would be bringing the musicians closer to the community members and attendees.

We’re looking to allot a fee to create contents such as:

  • Audio Nft visuals,
  • Community Projects capturing & editing,
  • Near Educational Contents &
  • Entertainment Contents.

This would be a collaborative approach with Spirityut & Near Creatives into digital creation & music. Community members are also expected to take part in content creation projects for further growth and promotion of the community and as such would be carried along.

In addition to this, the following will be done in respect to promotion:

  • Online promoted Near Metaverse events in collaboration with the Svara DAO and NxP which entails:
  • Display of all worked on visuals for each month by the end of each month; August & September via Svara DAO NearHUB.
  • Organized freestyles & behind the scenes shooting.
  • Youtube paid ads for each NFT visual. (note: Youtube posts wont be made public on youtube until time for metaverse event. then afterwards we use paid ads to promote).
  • Our tiktok channel which will be lauched soon, will be another means of documenting and promoting our projects online.

below are the instagram links to Svara DAO and NxP;

Svara DAO instagram

NxP instagram

With the diverse caliber of creatives in the Dao, and the coalition of our ideas, we are sure to create quality contents that would entertain and create more awareness for the Near community through Spirityut. The end goals would be to promote these videos & Near Creatives through Social media platforms, Near dapps such as the NearHUB & space for showcasing monthly.

In order to gain more awareness, focal community creatives involved in the projects would post on their socials as well, as collaborators.

The core team members to be worked with on this project includes:

  • Tobyparadise
  • Bigwis
  • Notnilc
  • Liciouscrackitt
  • Freed
  • Mogul visuals
  • Ilishi
  • Saminu
  1. Project expected Outcome
  • 3 Audionft Music Visuals/month
  • 3 Near educational Visuals (on Nfts, Nfts & creators of the Dao, Nears Decentralisation) & Promotional contents creation
  • Increase in number of users of Near dapps.
  • Growth in popularity for the SpirityutDAO, CreativesDao and Nearprotocol in this axis of the world.
  1. Activities & Timeline (Audionft Visuals shoots)
  • August
  • August 1st - August 3rd: Organisation & Finishing of first Audio nft visual,
    Snippet release date: 4th August
    (Full video to be displayed at nearhub)

  • August 6th - August 8th: Organisation & Finishing of second Audionft visual,
    Snippet release date 9th August
    (Full video to be displayed at nearhub)

  • August 10th - August 12th: Organisation & Finishing of third Audionft visual,
    Release date 13th August

  • September
  • September 1st – September 3rd: Organisation & Finishing of first Audio nft visual,
    Snippet Release date: 4th September
    (Full video to be displayed at nearhub)

  • September 6th - September 8th: Organisation & Finishing of second Audionft visual,
    Snippet release date: 9th September
    (Full video to be displayed at nearhub)

  • September 12th - September 14th: Organisation & Finishing of third Audionft visual,
    Snippet release date: 15th September
    (Full video to be displayed at nearhub)

  • (Educational Content Creation)

The contents to be addressed will be targeted at those who are upcoming in the web 3 space and those who are getting conversant with the space, the idea is to arm our audience with enough information to navigate the web 3 space comfortably using NEAR as their guiding compass. All contents will be uploaded on our socials, and paid promotion will be done for 3 videos from both months.

Activities & Timeline (educational content creation)

  • August
  • 14th August: (Educational Video on Near Protocol, the founding bodies and a few DAOs involved in projects execution).

  • 21th August: (Educational video on Near grassroot DAOs, their functions and how they affect the grand scheme of project execution in Near protocol).

  • 28th August: (Educational Video on Near Dapps, their usage, benefits and how to access them).

  • September
  • 16th September (Educational content on the topic: Re-defining creativity using web3.0 as a pivotal tool).

  • 23rd September (Educational video on web 3.0 terms and their usage in the commercial world).

  • 30th September (Educational podcasts on Near Updates and Spiriyut updates; reviewing the changes of the blockchain industry over the past 1 year and highlighting a few incoming changes).

  1. Budget
  • 1 Audionft music video shoot & set up = $200

  • Editing of visual = $70

  • Content & Social Ads (Instagram)
    = $30

Total = $300

3 Audionft visuals per month & paid ads = $900

$900 × 2 months
(August & September) = $1,800 +

METAVERSE Space rent (Svara DAO hub) = $80 +

Flyer creation = $20

Total = $1,900

  • 3 Near Educational Content production = $50

  • 3 Near Educational Contents X 2 months
    (August & September) = $100
    (2 months)

Total amount requested $(1,900+100)
= $2,000

Wallet address:


Good job bro…this is another positive vibes to spread the gospel for real​:+1:

Positive result i hope​:pray:

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