[Closed] Spirityut Proposal (December 2023)


DAO introduction

Spirityut Social Dao aims to onboard more creatives and individuals into the Near Blockchain Ecosystem and Create an acceptable quality of audio, digital art Nfts and contents to promote in the Web3 Ecosystem and externally.

Our focus would be to develop stategies internally and externally through Blockchain means of promoting affiliated creators in Real Life and in the Ecosystem through effective marketing of these creators, their Nfts minted, Collaborations with other Daos, external Brands, external media houses and teams, introducing the decentralised platform to more Individuals/group and promoting creativity in various forms.

Why team is best for funds

*The team consists of individuals capabale of executing tasks mentioned in this Proposal.

*In terms of Ecosystem achievement Spirityut Dao council have been effective in the Near ecosystem with strategies to educate & onboard individuals & to promote Near Creatives through bounties, Purchasing ecosystem NFTS for display purposes & content creation including these creatives.

*The team is capable of spreading the word of Near and networking on behalf of the community in web3 and externally for awareness or collaborative purposes.

Team Members:

Has been identified as a Near #audionft enthusiast having taken part in various Web3 audio nft creative projects in Near. Tune has been involved in networking, educating, onboarding creatives & members, organising and idea generation for Near & Spirityut.

Having played official roles as council, Zamael has been responsible for Dao promotional flyers creation, onboarding creatives, educating on the protocol and spirityut to the community building and has been of value to the ecosystem.

Has been a member of the Near ecosystem and has collaborated with various community members and worked with various communities in the ecosystem with his skills.

Also an NDC candidate has been in the Near ecosystem for a long time and has been actively adding to the growth of the Near ecosystem through contributions. Good networking skills and experience in the Near ecosystem which adds value to the SpiritYut Team.

Achievement information about the DAO

-120+ Near wallets opened
-Onboarded active Near talented creatives to further propel the word of Near

-On chain Activity,
Previous Astrodao link

Council Votes

-Number of approved Proposals in Ecosystem = 2

(First spirityut approved budget)

Second spirityut approved budget

Marketing Dao Closed website proposal

-Number of metaverse events = 4
-Number of current council = 2
@TheTune100 @ZAMAEL

Metaverse Event


Metaverse event 1

Beatdao Spirityut Metaverse event


Spatial Meet & Display event

Google drive link to Social Proof of activities

Spirityut Youtube

[Spirityut Twitter]

[Spirityut Discord]

Spirityut Instagram

Spirityut Spatail metaverse home

Spirityut Mintbase store

Spirityut Telegram

Spirityut Medium

Dao Genre

-Mixed Media


SpiritYut being an entertainment Social DAO is home to diverse categories of creatives including: musicians, fashion designers, graphic designers, cinematographers, photographers, dancers, developers, etc). We see entertainment as the focal point where all creative ideas converge, including developers. .

Fia version 2. (Proposal)

In the bid to popularise the emerging Near NFT Tech, the Nearprotocol and bring entertainment creatives closer with fans/supporters we had a test run entertainment event which turned out to be great in awareness creation at Lagos Nigeria,

Link to version 1 performances.

However, upon deliberation we are looking to have a more educational and proper version of the event which would see supporters of various age groups at our axis and globally, support these creatives that will be agreeing to mint their songs as an NFT in the SpiritYut Mintbase store and Tamago Near minting platforms.

This is an event with activities to make known to the public the Near Blockchain and the impact it has on creativity through minting of NFTS, Dapps building in Near, artsite support and community giveaways.

For attending this event there will be a special Nft to be claimed into wallets, one to popularise the Near Tech, Ago Palace Way and Spirityut.
This period December will be a better time as enough youth will be around to attend this event.

Education would be carried out using the Daos projector to the audience can view as we explain all necessary Onboarding details.

The council of the Dao would be readily available before and after event to guide attendees, in acquisition of the Near wallets and use guidance.

*Enlightenment Focus

"What is Nearprotocol

What does it offer

Near Wallet uses


Near Social

What is Spirityut

What is an Nft, Music/Art

Why you should get an NFT

Near communities"

Expected Outcome:

  • Growth in social awareness

  • Onboarding of new members, DEVS and creatives.

  • Achievement of sales in audio NFTS

  • Awareness Creation centered around *Music Nfts in Near & Near BOS through AMA about event, prior to D day via promoted twitter space…

  • Onboarding of new developers to work on building a Dapp on Near BOS to support creatives in line with Spirityut entertainment.

  • increased Near Tech interactions

Promotional Plans:
*Use of Banners for awareness creation
*Digital flyers
*Special Invitations
*Educational AMA
*Interviews before and during the event day

Activities and Timeline:

Promotion starts
-20th November

*Twitter space on AudioNfts in Near & FIAv2 in collaboration with Raw Dao

  • 10th December

*FIAv2 Date

  • 16th December

*Metaverse showcase which would entail #FIAv2 highlights where we invite web3 enthusiasts to experience our show/event in metaverse.

  • 29th December

#Fia2 Performers



Venue: $90

Council renumeration: 70 x 4 = 280

Refreshments: $100

Designed Banners: $35

Traveling fees and logistics: $80
Members in another state such as likes of @BigM007 @Dabbie3229 @tobyparadise01 @Shozy and @Marydian22

Near drops: $50

Nearwallet Giveaways for interactive members at educational session: $50

Audionft Performers: $30 x 4 = 120

NFT Airdrop Artist: $15

TOTAL amount requested = $810 in NEAR.

What is the DAO’s goal or objective?

*To revolutionise the African creativity through Near and web3 technology

*Growing Nears name & Spirityut through execution of promotional activities.

*To Onboard talented creatives into the Near ecosystem

*Promotion of affiliated creatives and Nfts in region

*Development of stategies to achieve sales in NFTS

Roadmap to reach goals:

  • Launching of Spirityut Website & Market place in collaboration with Harmonic Guild.

  • Collaboration with Devs in building a creative Dapp for the digital promotion of art and music on Near BOS.

  • Conducting meetings to educate potential collectors as we are still building in bid to get them to support the community either by collaboration or nft collection.

  • Creation of Music & Art nft promotional content with use of educational write up, images & audio of minted spirityut audionfts merged with a background Voice over stategy to attract non web3 oriented individuals.

  • Constant conducting of Real Life shows featuring live display of Spirityut Nfts.

How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

  • While Gradually building an entertainment crew that will incorporate the Near Tech into means of creating an entertainment atmosphere, each step we take towards becoming a successful notable entertainment crew will enable us grow faster,

  • Funding and support of the Creatives dao also goes a long way in keeping momentum going and creating more scenarios in Fostering growth.

What will the community or the team members’ role be?

Branding/digital ads creation/idea generation roles/wallet opening @JAOD

Education/educational content generation/ organisational roles/wallet opening @Zamael

Education/promotional flyers creation/spirityut collaboration intermediary/Near wallet opening @Dabbie3229

Education/organisational roles/social media postings/marketing roles/Near wallet opening @thetune


Astro Dao wallet:



Dear Spirityut DAO, thank you for the proposal.

After careful consideration, however, we regret to inform you that we are unable to proceed with the funding of your proposal at this time. The proposed budget and activities showed weak alignment with our priorities, hence the councils were unable to assist you further to revise the proposal.

Thank you once again for your understanding and dedication.

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