So... Let's Talk About NEAR | CON

Hello hello NEARVERSE :slight_smile:

Have you heard about NEAR | CON? The event is 8 weeks away, and is in full swing planning mode. NEAR | CON is an event open to everyone to come and celebrate NEAR’s 1 Year Anniversary since its Mainnet launch. Immerse yourself in 2 days of talks, networking, workshops and a whole lot more provided by the NEAR Ecosystem and its Community. We will feature technical and non-technical content so that whether you are a Founder, Developer, Creator, or Engineer, there will be something for everyone.

This inaugural event will take place in Lisbon on October 26th and 27th of this year. If you are based in Lisbon or Europe, we hope you will be able to physically attend the event. If you are based in another region of the world and are able to travel to Lisbon, please come! Rest assured, NEAR | CON will be a COVID compliant event, and our production team is working very closely with the local officials to ensure we are obliging with the regional restrictions. If you are not able to attend, do not worry because you will be able to partake in the fun as we are planning to have our sessions live-streamed and host a couple of interactive virtual elements.

We launched the event website about two weeks ago and are currently capturing emails. However, we are excited to start selling tickets early next week! Be sure to check Twitter because that is where we will announce when sales are live :sparkling_heart: We will also start announcing speakers and more information starting next week. Oh, and we will also have a speaker form on the website.

Since we do want NEAR | CON to be a surprise for those of you who plan to attend, we won’t spill the tea on all of the fun that’s in the works… but expect weekly updates on the Forum. For now, check out these beautiful photos of the recently secured NEAR | CON venue, Carpintarias de Sao Lazaro. If you also want to get involved with the event, reply to this post with your ideas :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The views are pretty spectacular!


Really excited for this! Thank you for the update!

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Hi @yadira, this looks so exciting!! The NIA Guild is actually planning on conducting 3 community bootcamps around NEAR Con and the plan is to build a funnel to channel the participants towards specific NEAR Con sessions and the NEAR Certified Developers Program. Will be charting out the outreach strategy and structure of the bootcamp throughout September with some good friends from the NEAR Core and NEAR Community, please do let me know how I can get more involved. Would love to be a part of NEAR Con!!


Hey @yadira - fit this post into the Events subcategory for ease of reference.

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This is really cool to hear @chronear! We are actually trying to work on a plan that would bring some of our NEAR Certified Developers from underrepresented backgrounds to the event. @Maggie has been leading the charge on this with other NEAR Core members.

Where are you based? Maybe we can all hop on zoom for a quick catch up?

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Posting a quick update regarding ticketing because we are a few days behind our original target date. We are working with SPLASHTHAT on getting this implemented and will start selling tickets at the end of this week.

More information to be revealed on speakers by then as well! Thanks for your patience everyone!!

Hi @yadira, that’s really great and I would love to discuss my ideas with the team. So sorry for replying after 5 days. I had a surgery last week, please let me know if next week works… please drop ur Calendly or email address in my DM and I will schedule a call with you!

Hope you are recovering well, @chronear. I’ll shoot you a DM so that we can connect :slight_smile:

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