[September 2021] Open Web Sandbox opportunity: help us with the Pitch Starter Kit

We are glad to provide a new opportunity by the Open Web Sandbox. We need collaboartors to help us with the various tasks for The Pitch Starter Kit.


The OWS Team is planning to design The Pitch Starter Kit on how to pitch your idea/project to the NEAR Ecosystem. The goal of this series of tutorials is to help Sandboxers get their ideas off the ground as easily as possible.
The OWS Team does not take effective pitching for granted and that is why we would like to help people shape their ideas in a succinct and sexy fashion so
as to grasp audience attention, interest, and buy-in.

Here we are inviting you to work together with the OWS Team on this series of tutorials, which are composed of 4 components:

Laying the Roadmap and OKR Foundation, Budgeting, How to Rock Your Pitch and an AMA session discussion.

We invite Sandboxers to participate in the opportunities below.
Let’s delve into this together! :fire: :fire: :fire:

1. Tutorial Video: How to Rock Your Pitch

It would be great to see a video tutorial coaching nervous and seasoned presenters alike on how to land the pitch in 15-20 mins or less if the content is strong.

What should be incorporated in a virtual pitch? What kind of slides/support materials should be prepared? How long should it be? These questions answered and any other tips and tricks to help individuals sell their project. Inclusion of closed captioning and a transcript available for translation in languages other than English would be required as well.

  • If someone is interested, would like to first see a script for the video
  • Can discuss the script and any edits before individual proceeds to filming

2. AMA session discussing the above materials

If you have signed up for creating a tutorial video, here is another opportunity for you - host an AMA. If you love public speaking, have good presence and ability to carry off hosting an AMA event, that might be a good way for you into the OWS moderator team or OWS Council :slightly_smiling_face:

3. You can also engage with the tasks on the “producing” side

  • Design how the session could run
  • Coordinate the individuals who helped develop the materials of the kit to say a few words about how it came together and why they believe the kit is useful (we will bring you in contact with Sandboxers working on this previously)
  • Come up with questions about the kit with the OWS team (eg for a QUIZ, for a feedback survey “What do you think about Pitch Starter Kit Initiative”)

We are looking for Sandboxers with entrepreneurial or writing backgrounds, and people with coaching experience. Video editing experience welcome and comfort delivering presentations a must for the tutorial video.


  • Work together with the OWS Team in Google Docs/Sheets: suggesting ideas and giving feedback on what form your chosen aspect(s) of this kit should take (i.e. content, format, final presentation)
  • Promote tutorials
  • Write small blogs on why it is important to follow these guidelines and how they should help prospective leads get the necessary support from NEAR faster
  • Host a webinar/event/AMA on the Sandbox discord channel to talk about entrepreneurship and how using this Starter Kit will set you up for project success in the Sandbox and in the wider the NEAR Ecosystem

31 September

Contact me or @Sofia_Alum to jump into the opportunities or open discord to discuss the opportunity.

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I’m interested but I’m not 100% sure that I understood how I can help

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