Monthly Report OWS [October]

Hello community,

This month have been very special for all of us mostly because of the amazing re-union during NEARCon 20921 in Lisbon. It was an immense pleasure for myself and @vrdoingthings to meet everybody in person!

Now let’s look at the progress and highlights of the month of October within OWS.

1. Production

2. Social media

  • Discord (1938 members, 23%+ since September)
  • Twitter ( 2174 followers, 33% since September)
  • Youtube (55 subscribers, 41%+ since September)
  • Medium (28 followers, 12%+ since September)

3. Events:

Weekly AMA’s: 3 AMA’s hosted weekly (all can be found on YT channel)

Extra events:

4. Projects that engaged with the OWS in August-September

5. Internal updates

  • Language channels are now available on our Discord! That means more communication opportunities in OWS!

  • Working out the new roadmap to pitch at the end of November

  • Discussions around establishing Guild KPI’s and new onboarding practices with @Jessica

  • Full Budget Report October is available here

  • Proceeding with reviewing contributors’ growing requests. Although a cap of 300 USD has been introduced 2 months ago, the amount of submissions keeps growing. All the approved contributions can be found here

  • Temporarily closed category in the rolling opportunities: Unfortunately we continue seeing abuse of some of the provided opportunities. Our team has limited resources and cannot verify fake NEAR Academy “completers” nor identify if the accounts are indeed different people. That being said, we announced earlier in the month that we have removed this category for October. We hope to return this category in the future with additional verification processes (that would be established after after approval of @amgando ) . New list of the rolling opportunities is available here

  • Planning on transitioning to Astro in November

  • OWS Website is on its way in November

We continue adapting and improving every month, any input will be highly appreciated. More detailed development of the OWS for the coming months will be available in the new roadmap at the end of November.

OWS Team


Thank you also to @abdelillah77 and @Nuzar2104 who helped to review the Arab articles. Their reward is 3 Near for 3 articles