[January 2022] Open Web Sandbox Rewards and Opportunities

As of now, the most recent overview of Open Web Sandbox Rolling Opportunities can be found on the Open Web Sandbox Gitbook - OWS Opportunities.

Note 1 : For the tasks included in the overview there is a monthly limit of 300 USD reward per contributor per month.

Note 2 : We tried to make the list of rolling rewards posted below as detailed as possible. If you have any additional ideas or suggestions regarding the list, please contact one of the Sandbox moderators. There is always room for new suggestions! This means that we want you to be creative and to feel free to generate your own independent contributions or initiatives! We do have two conditions for it: 1. discuss it with moderators before you start and 2. make sure it brings value to the NEAR ecosystem!

Please feel welcome to schedule a meeting with our moderators if you come up with a new idea of contribution and we will accommodate your insight and discuss the appropriate reward.

Note 3 : {For the tasks OUTSIDE the overview}
If you have decided to work on the task that isn’t present on the list below, please contact one of the OWS moderators (@vrdoingthings @Sofia_Alum @Jacopo) who will be happy to chat with you and explore further opportunities! To ensure your work is rewarded in the best possible way after completion, you need to get approval BEFORE you start working on the task/initiative! To minimise confusion and information asymmetry, we strongly advise you to share your working plan with us before incurring any costs. The OWS will NOT compensate any reimbursements in retrospect.

Note 4 : Please limit your claims to ONE claim per month. If you want to request a reward for something you did after your first claim is approved, you will have to wait until the next payout period.

Note 5 : While creating a post for the payout on the forum, make sure to include the relevant month in the topic according to the provided template. Otherwise, your DAO proposal will be declined.

Tiny advice - before you begin with any of these opportunities, ask yourself: ‘What kind of value do my actions bring to the NEAR ecosystem? How will it benefit from them?’.
Let’s deliver great quality and build the most amazing ecosystem together! :orange_heart:

If you have any questions or suggestions, you are welcome to start the conversation below or DM one of the moderators. Discussing Rolling Opportunities with your fellow Sandboxers on the OWS Discord server is definitely an option too! :vulcan_salute:


@vrdoingthings this is a great news. How do I get started

Hi! You need to begin by filling in the contributor profile form and then you just pick a task that you like from the overview and get started on it. It really is that simple :slight_smile:

Hi @vrdoingthings ,
I m one month old person here. I m still struggling to enter into discord channel of OWS. Can you help me / direct me to any other relevant person? The invite says invalid / unable to accept when click the link


Hey there! Try the one from the bottom of our website: https://www.openwebsandbox.org/