Monthly Report OWS [September]

Hello community,

Below is the OWS Monthly Report of September.

1. Production

2. Social media

  • Discord (1581 members, 12%+ since August)
  • Twitter ( 1641 followers, 155% since August)
  • Youtube (39 subscribers, 18%+ since August)
  • Medium (25 followers, 67%+ since August)

3. Events:

Weekly AMA’s: 5 AMA’s hosted weekly (all can be found on YT channel)

On September 30th we hosted long-awaited RoundTable talking Defi with 5 project/guild leads from: Ref Finance, Wizard Guild, MetaPool, Merchants of NEAR, Cheddar → check it out here: September OWS Party: DeFi Debunked

4. Projects that engaged with the OWS in August-September

All project collaborations (some are closed for new candidates by now)

Projects still ongoing and looking for Sandboxers!!!

5. Internal updates

5. Challenges

  • Catalyst launch has been postponed due to the longer waiting period for the last smart contracts check

  • Handling general negativity around the new USD Denominated system was draining. Responding professionally to contributors’ concerns/complains did take a lot of cognitive resources from the whole team. (reactions can be checked under this post but also a lot of negative messages have been received by the OWS moderators in private.)
    More clear communication and delivering the “why” behind could have helped a transition to be smoother, reducing frictions. It could also reduce uncertainty and unnecessary doubts of many committed eco-system members (in OWS and beyond)

  • Intensity of the operational work behind reviewing contributors’ growing requests. Although a cap of 300 USD has been introduced, the amount of submissions in September is still higher than in August. All the approved contributions can be found here.

6. Looking ahead

  • It has been waiting for long time, but we are finally launching 4 language channels on Discord! We will do a month of piloting with 4 regions (Spanish-speaking, Russian-speaking, Vietnamese, India) and expand further if successful.

  • OWS Website is coming out in early November!

  • 29 October OWS Monthly Party: Evolution Of Education

We continue adapting and improving every month, any input will be highly appreciated. More detailed development of the OWS for the coming months will be available in the new roadmap in the course of October.

OWS Team