Satori - NEAR Product Labs

These are just some notes on the new initiative called Satori.

  • OKRs
    • Launch a suite of recognizable brands on NEAR
    • Launch an immediately recognizable (household name) dapp with one million daily active users.
    • Identify the “product layer” requirements that the NEAR ecosystem lacks
    • Create, share and distribute sustainable business models to the ecosystem
  • Departments
    • Marketing
    • Product
    • BD/Partnerships
    • Operations
    • Technology
  • Satori (Meaning: the zen buddhist concept of sudden enlightenment) is a spin out within the NEAR ecosystem. This project emerged naturally from a long progression of attempting to find ways to support projects building on NEAR. It turns out having a single minded team focused on product excellence is more effective.
  • Strategy: By the end of the summer, we want to have at least one home run on a massive-public scale. By the end of the year we will have partnerships in the creation space (art, music, media, gaming etc). We want to start focusing on NFTs and scale beyond that to utility for creators!
  • We will blitz scale engineering on a per-partnership basis, and at the start, offer a site-license agreements for work completed. Because the work will be low volume, high value we can negotiate the ownership share of each project’s revenue. This model is actually much more sustainable than I had initially thought.

Ownership or bust.


This is such a great idea Peter :slight_smile: why only 2 :heart:s? Why not do an AMA or server-wide Discord call with the community to get a boost? ^^

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how is the roadmap of satori? the goal is super cool, but I do think it’s pretty hard to get massive adoption on such a short period.