Near developer program Milestone – Launch-Partner proposal,

I hope you are well!

Our project has just been selected to enter Near’s developer program, & they have asked us to onboard on our product 5 NEAR-based DAOs and/or NFT projects.

I work for Wizard Protocol. We’re a young blockchain project tempting to offer a virtual world providing the space and tools necessary to best: Connect, collaborate and have fun for DAOs / NFT projects.

We’re at

So what do we offer ?

• A totally free & exclusive access to WIP and a dedicated space for you and your community (a castle under the sea, spacecraft, you name it)
• The opportunity to influence the design of a product that actually moves your community metrics in the direction you want
• A direct and unconditional access to the WIP team for suggestions and feature requests

What we expect in return:
Around 1 hour for feedback every month.

This partnership aims to help us perfect our product-market fit for the Near ecosystem. We need your feedback to shape a product that’s optimal for you. And for this, we need you and your community to use it at least a few times a month and tell us about your experience.

If you are interested, let me know, I’d be happy to free my schedule
Feel free if any questions,

Bests, !:slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello, Good morning! Categorized your post into Ecosystem category for better reach :blush:

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Thanks for your help.
If you know somebody i can contact I would be really interested :slight_smile: