[IDEATION] Service Dapp

While developing the muti DAO which aims to fund creatives and their daily needs to buy materials etc. we came to the conclusion that in order to guarantee a smooth onboarding and to spread the word of NEAR an application is missing where the needed materials could be ordered and paid directly with NEAR.

We were envisioning an application similar to Fiver or Etsy, where everyone could participate by offering their services or materials (paint, guitar strings, audio equipment etc.) and the buyer could pay directly with their NEAR wallet.

Within the upcoming month we will set up bounties to gather suppliers that would accept NEAR as a payment. The database will be shared in the forum so that it is accessible for everyone in the ecosystem. We believe that an app like this would benefit artists and the NEAR ecosystem in general as no conversion to fiat would be needed.

We’re happy to brainstorm together and will just leave this in here and hopefully find someone that would be up for developing the app and figuring out details such as shipping/pick up/logistics.

@Primaveralina I will also send you an email regarding the idea :slight_smile:


I think that this would be awesome to help provide more use for NEAR tokens within the local community.

Having NFTs that could be burned in exchange for physical goods seems like it would be a reasonable way to go about solving this? The NFTs could act like coupons and be redeemable for physical assets from participating retailers.


Sounds good. A simple NEAR transfer would be too simple?
I think as long as it all happens within one app and doesn’t require too many steps of conversion etc. it would be used quickly.


To the buyer it would look like an image of the product and they would purchase with the ability to redeem when they chose.

A simple NEAR transfer would well but you’d still have to get all the data somehow of what the person wanted to buy. With an NFT, all that data is already there before the purchase, instead of having to be input by the buyer at time of purchase.

I would assume a user would just login to app, search for what they are looking for, see which NFTs are available for those produces, submit a txn to buy the product/NFT they want. And then details to contact the retailer could be in the NFT data (PDF for example).

Also, I’d the items were put up for auction, then on the front end there could be a EUR price (denominated in NEAR for now) that each NFT is worth.

For example: 1 gram of gold is worth ~80 EUR/40 NEAR.

So if a retailer was selling 1g of gold, they could create multiple NFTs called “1g of gold from miss gold seller” and put them on sale for auction with a suggested price of 40 NEAR. (Seller wouldn’t accept losing funds :sweat_smile:)

As the price of NEAR fluctuates, the price in NEAR can be automatically adjusted on the front end so that the buyer just sees 45 NEAR as the price (if NEAR went down in fiat value) or 35 NEAR (if NEAR went up in value).

Although pricing things in stable coin solves much of the pricing issues. Simple enough to hold stable, buy in stable, cash out on stable :ok_hand:t4:.


Ah true, makes sense.
I was thinking if the app would give the possibility for a seller to add all the info of the product etc., it would be mentioned in there. Also, it could have a feature of showing sellers in your area so shipping overseas could be avoided for the time being.


Yeah, I actually don’t see shipping costs being that big of a deal. If the seller is paying for shipping, then the buyer just has to purchase another asset for the cost of shipping (if things were to be dynamic.

So a shipping NFT can be on sale to match the shipping for a product after the sale?

Agreed, the seller would add info at time of sales but the buyer would only have to see if they wanted to buy with those settings. For example if the 1g of gold is really late to me, then the 40 NEAR may be the final price🥳, where as if shipping is a lot because I am far from the seller, there may an added 5 NEAR shipping charge (in the form of me having to buy a shipping NFT) which may lead me to look for another gold seller within the app that’s more locally based.


another idea for the app.

It could be nice if there is an option to create group chats.
If you might wanna go to a producer or so, could be nice to create a chat in the app we’re you can gather the people who wanna join. And the special thing could be that there is a way were you can create a document kinda thing for the group to organise rides.

So let’s say 15 people wanna go somewhere together. Then there is this tab to organise the lifts.
Three cars are available and then you just move the names to the car and you see straight away who’s going with whom.
As well as an option to share the fuel cost with near for example. Could by a nice way as an overview.

That’s not really related to the original idea of finding producers but maybe a way that this app is used in a more “every day” way.

Does this makes sense?


Another idea for the app.

Maybe a document for line ups would be good too (streetmarket or small gatherings).
Then you could create a line up with timetable and schedule and pay the artists directly via the app with near.


Cool, sounds like it could be another app just for events & artists that accept near!


Given the upcoming Hackathon muti DAO would like to formulate this as a proposal for the Partners Open Call if appropriate. Could use some help setting up the correct tech specific wording for this, I heard @chloe might be able to help us out with formulating it correctly?



Would love to get mpc or similar set up for collectors to order a deck of their paras.id collection.


nice! Bounties are up here. For now we have been thinking about mainly artistic materials but combining the paras community with it sounds great!


Would love to help Multi work that out :ok_hand:t4:. Feel free to DM with the best way to work on it.


muti will set up the bounty for the hackathon and is still looking for one or 2 additional judges that have a tech/development background. If someone is interested, feel free to shoot a message or comment here :slight_smile:
@Primaveralina I was thinking of you maybe, if you would be up for it?

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thats a really nice idea . join it!
Any news about this idea?
I was trying to extent it…