[New Tech Alert] Meta-Communities on the NEAR Ecosystem - Will You Use It?

One minute of your time will help us know if NEAR is the right ecosystem! We are seeking 50 responses to understand if we should start building on the Meta-Community tech on NEAR. We were thinking to build on NEAR since we have been part of the ecosystem for 10 months now, but before we start, it seems like a good idea to ask if people here will use it.

Also to be clear, even if it is not started on NEAR, we may eventually make it work on NEAR.

The Meta-Community
This is a part of a larger project called the Presence Browser which is building infrastructure for a hyper-dimensional web, which we think will become known as Web4. This project will enable the NEAR community to engage as “Meta-Communities” with their own dedicated layer above the web page based on NEAR identity, a NEAR NFT, or AstroDAO membership. For example, anyone with a NEAR wallet could go visible on a webpage and see all the other visible people on the webpage. Same for people with an NFT of a specific collection or series, or members of the same AstroDAO. To access this capability, you will need to install a browser extension. For more info, see the FAQ below.

Question for you

If your NEAR community was active in a Meta-Community above the webpage, would you install the browser extension and join in?

a) If Yes, please heart this message OR respond Yes and add a comment if you like
b) If No, please respond No and add a comment if you like
c) If Not Sure, please respond Not Sure and add a comment or question

You may also just respond with a question or even make a suggestion.

Please encourage others to respond as well. We want to get to 50 responses. We want to know what you really feel. No sense in building here if people are not interested. Thanks.


Can I see it?
Yup. Go to https://presencebrowser.com, click on the bouncing icon in the lower righthand corner. Click Get Started to gain entry with your Google account or create an account. (We will be putting an option to connect to wallet soon.) Then check out the Visible List and leave a comment on the Live Chat for the page,

Why are you building this?
Today’s Web including Web3 does not enable high levels of collaboration. Meta-Communities will enable people who share a common purpose (e.g., people attracted by NEAR’s commitment to an open web, people in a DAO, and people in the same NFT club) to share a dedicated layer above the web in which they can see and interact directly with one another as well as through the content of their common interest.

How will this impact the NEAR ecosystem?
This novel infrastructure will increase the engagement and utility that the NEAR Ecosystem provides developers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. NEARian Nations will extend the reach of the NEAR ecosystem to the entire web, thereby making NEAR a pioneer in Web4 – that is, the Metaweb. NEAR will be the first ecosystem with a presence in the space above the webpage. Anyone with a NEAR wallet will be able to interact above the web. NEARians can go visible and see and interact with the other visible NEARians. Holders of NEAR NFTs and members of AstroDAOs will be able to interact with their tribe above the web. This infrastructure could boost the productivity and effectiveness of NEARians on the Web. Working with us beyond this initial integration will position NEARians to be among the first to build smart tags and overlay dapps for use in the Metaweb, thereby enabling activities above the page to trigger smart contracts. Thus, NEARians can be the first participants and builders of the Web over the Web.

How can I find out more about Web4 and the Metaweb

I am tagging you in the hopes that you will not only vote (however you feel) and also pass this on so we reach at least 50 people. Many appreciations for any help with this.
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@shiftshapr it’s an exciting project for sure.

Love to learn more about the onboarding, features, and pricing.

How is privacy ensured?
How do you know people are active on the webpage without compromising their security?
Why would people need to interact with their community like a chatbox? How would that compete with a discord, forum, or community platform experience?

Thanks for the feedback @pooriaarab

Love to learn more about the onboarding, features, and pricing

We’d do a landing page for the NEAR Meta-communities that would provide text and video instructions for installing and using the browser extension as well as a way to experience it on that webpage without installing the extension.

Features at the moment include:

  1. Visibility list with hover to see profile overview
  2. Live chat for any webpage - this is just replies and hover to see profile overview now but will have Discord like threads, pinning, page-specific channels, and reactions.
  3. Ability to specify the NEAR meta-community and NEARian meta-communities to be active in
  4. Friends
  5. One-on-one and group chatrooms that are active over any webpage. Messages indicate which page you were on when you sent them.
  6. Option to register with Presence to participate in greater ecosystem

I was hoping to make this available to NEARians for free if I could get funding.

In the future, devs can build overlay dApps for the sidebar that are active on any webpage.

How is privacy ensured?

Participant only gives permission for app to authenticate and see NFTs and DAO membership. Not transaction capability. At this time, app is not tracking activity data. That will be an optional feature to track activity in the future which will confer benefits.

How do you know people are active on the webpage without compromising their security?

Let me talk to the devs

Why would people need to interact with their community like a chatbox?

Imagine your are on a webpage about animating using Generative AI. How many people are on that same webpage and how many are NEARians? You have no idea.

If you have the extension and went visible on that page, you could see all the people from NEAR that had been visible at that page recently or may in fact be on the webpage at that very moment. Some of them you may have interacted with before. Wouldn’t that be cool to know that someone you know is focused on the same thing at the same moment; maybe there’s a conversation that wants to be had. Alternatively, it could be someone from the NEAR ecosystem that you don’t know, but nw you know you have a common interest and you’re on the same webpage!

How would that compete with a discord, forum, or community platform experience?
Discord, forums, and community platforms are all silos. You have to go them. This experience follow you where you are and enables you to meet people where they are at and engage in real-time.

Thanks for the excellent questions!

a) Yes, I’m interested in on-chain solution for social networks. It will definitely help with the exclusivity and inclusivity at the same time.

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