[APPROVED] Set Up Shop - Funding Request

Even though our team has an accumulated experience of several years, “HOC | Hub de Oficinas Comunitárias” as an initiative/project by itself is still in its infancy stage. That’s why a great part of our efforts during this next month will be on creating HOC’s stepping blocks, or as we like to call it, Set Up Shop.

With this we believe that HOC, as a project, can start the process of fully solidifying its value in terms of Social Impact and begin to attract new partners that could potentially be integrated in the NEAR Ecosystem.

  • Create a visual identity :: 200 $
    • Refine logo :: 50 $
    • Social media pack :: 50 USD
    • Slides presentation template :: 50 $
    • Documentation template :: 50 $
  • Create and manage HOC’s online presence :: Self-funded
    • Create IG, FB and landing page
    • Test and choose a social media management tool
    • Draft HOC’s website
  • Create HOC’s ToolBox :: Self-funded
    • Every endeavour must have a set of organizational and collaborative tools to optimize their outputs. Therefore, HOC’s team will start to search for the best, and mainly free, options there are.
    • These tools can be for task management, scheduling, meetings, video conferences, storage, design, prototyping, forms, dashboards, brainstorming, social media management, etc
  • Collect, create and translate content for the NEAR Ecosystem :: Bounties
    • Create learning content such as text documents, slide presentations or infographics in English and Portuguese
    • The subject matter of this content can be, per exemple, guides in how to open a NEAR Wallet, how to make transactions, how to obtain the Social Security Number, how to obtain the Finance Number, how to obtain the Residency Permit, etc
  • Learn, learn and learn! :: 150 $
    • Grant for HOC’s members to partake educational or training activities :: 2 * 75 $ = 150 $
    • These educational or training activities must be related with the following subjects: NEAR Protocol, Web3, Blockchain, dApps, Cryptology, Cryptocurrency, Tokenomics, DAO’s, Data Analytics, Rust, AssemblyScript, UX/UI, Social Impact and other relevant topics
    • These learning opportunities could be of great use for later deployment of knowledge within our community, projects and the creation of learning content and of training activities ourselves.


200 $ + 150 $ = 350 $
28.65 N + 21.5 N = 50.15 N
($6.98 - Coingecko, 27/09/2021, 22:14 GMT)

Final notes:

  • The payment approval for each item should only be made after proof of completion through submission after, if deemed necessary, the creation of HOC’s DAO

  • By approving this proposal:

    1. Lisbon City Node will be mentioned as HOC’s partner, just like CSP Cristo Rei and Cretcheu;
    2. Every post and piece of content created by HOC regarding the NEAR Ecosystem will have NEAR’s logo; and
    3. The message “Powered by NEAR” and NEAR’s logo will be included on our future website



HOC’s journey has started!

Besides the activities mentioned on our October Retrospective, @AAlves is already working in the first step of Creating our Visual Identity.

But it’s been more than a month since we made our proposal and with that passage of time brought out some visible changes.

That’s why we at HOC Team feel that it would be only right if we updated our Set Up Shop proposal to better accommodate these changes. Mainly those regarding:

  • The approved funding was 50.15 NEAR (350 USD when 1 NEAR was 6.98 USD)., but since then the NEAR price has jumped to 10.61 USD and those 50.15 NEAR would be worth more than 530 USD. Hence, we feel that fair course of action would be to update our funding for NEAR’s current rate
  • We’ve announced our intention of having our own DAO up and running. Therefore we would like to request an extra 5 NEAR so we can launch HOC DAO on Astro

With these changes, our Set Up Shop funding proposal would be updated with the following logic.

  • Launch HOC DAO :: 53,05 USD
  • Create a visual identity :: 200,00 USD
  • Create and manage HOC’s online presence :: Self-funded
  • Create HOC’s ToolBox :: Self-funded
  • Collect, create and translate content for the NEAR Ecosystem :: Bounties
  • Learn, learn and learn! :: 150,00 USD


53.05 + 200 + 150 = 403.05 USD
5 + 18,85 N + 14,14 N = 37,99 N
($10,61 - Coingecko, 09/11/2021, 11:52 GMT)

We at HOC Team hope that this update follows the proper standards set by Lisbon City Node and are more than glad to revise it if your team (@tabear, @TRosario and @frnvpr) deems it necessary.


hey @parisinocencio

sorry for the delay in the response.

I absolutely love this [PROPOSAL] and really feel you can be a valuable partner (or direct collaborator :eyes: ) of the Lisbon City Node.

I am changing the status of the [PROPOSAL] to [APPROVED]. That means we will add it to our budget considerations and funding request for the month of November.

There is a lot changing in a short period of time, but I didn’t want to skip the time to thank you for this [PROPOSAL] and tell you I look forward to working together in as many projects as possible.

um abraço


I 100% agree to the comment above, I am looking forward seeing HOC grow, collaborate & discover the possibilities within this ecosystem!


Thanks for this @frnvpr @tabear !

I recognise the possibility of a really strong relationship between HOC and the Lisbon City Node.

Celebration on our first approved proposal from the community! :fireworks:


Greetings @frnvpr, @tabear and @TRosario

Thank you all so very for this opportunity :tada:

We at Team HOC really feel that this will be the first stepping stone for our project’s future. And we can’t wait to roll up our sleeves and start collaborating with LCN and the rest of the NEAR Ecosystem :raised_hands:t4:

Um abraço a tds


@parisinocencio You can now make your payout proposal to the Lisboa City Node AstroDAO :slight_smile:

Here’s the link:

Any help you need creating the DAO just say! Keep the good work!


Payout proposal submitted :mechanical_arm: