Reporting discomfort

Thank you, @shreyas

I am specifically not asking people to be doxxed, and I think that when the new moderator team comes in they will also have ideas about how to create a process for complaints and interventions that are fair. But for the moment here are my thoughts:

  1. The flag is in place, but it might make sense for a place for comments to go to legal or a way to share ideas or concerns that get vetted, public discourse is one thing, and attacking is another. Is there a specific way to write your concerns to a legal person or team?
  2. I think for the community guidelines there is already some more thinking about this going on in lots of groups and perhaps that will come out of the NDC for governance community-wide – but ultimately this comes down to healthy conflict resolution. I don’t have the answer, I wish I did.
  3. Re: women, I think that the team here – like in most global digital communities – should consider getting some training in understanding the real concerns, and aggressive tactics used by trolls, and become more fluent in identifying how to manage the community temperature. It’s pretty hot right now.
  4. If an accusation has an actionable suggestion this makes total sense. In my own case, I responded to a request for action, and it’s still going with attacks and conspiracies ongoing. So, I suppose your team needs to make a call about what’s too much.

Thanks again


Hey folks,

As a member of NEAR Forums and NEAR Community for quite sometimes, I have seen quite a lot of this situation happened in our Forums. Therefor, here is my following opinion:

  1. Criticism Feedback is a part of development: This is very oblivious and so you see it right within our current society. And it is un-deniable that Criticism Feedback is playing the crucial role for the development in general.

  2. Accept it, work with it and bring out a better/constructive vibe : Trust me, this is one of the best experience that I got by sweats and tears since joining the Forums. I am always that type of person that looking to find the answer to every single question because by doing this, you only get more experience. Now, I have seen a lot of good builders that left the Ecosystem are subjecting to this kind of action but the people that can overcoming this came out even stronger and even build the Ecosystem better. Amazing examples are @Dacha and @rimberjack. It is some kind of natural selection and it is a part of our growth.

  3. Remember, we are all here with 1 common objective: Make NEAR the best place : Now this sound more general in a common way but think about it, we are in a diversity Community and different people has different background, different idea about how things work and how things should be. But on overall, we still working a same way towards the common goal: Make NEAR the best place.

So with everything being said, I hope this would help you and other members that currently subject to this kind of action would fine a way to cope and envolve to the best of us.

What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger right?

And also to everyone: Please consider your choice of words when questioning or bring down criticism feedbacks since just 1 word could bring out a different vibe and toward.


Please do report any kind of misbehaviour for any individuals that currently operating within the Ecosystem.

At NEAR Community, I - myself and among many others do not tolerate any kind of this action.
Please speak up and I will make sure your voice will be heard.



We have a meetings with the NF on Tuesday. As of now the funding has been asked to put on hold.

@kc_sollano and @blusw are gonna share a qualitative report post, where we’d need help from the community to answer 2-3 questions.

We’re preparing a report to show the value added by the creatives DAO and would want your support. Please add to the sheet the details needed.

We will inform you about the dialogue in the meeting as soon as we get done.

Please fill in the details here for us to create a report to showcase all creatives associated DAOs activities.


@Isa_Danoninho you’ve written all my thoughts :purple_heart:
i’ve got the experience - to share my view and info that is not supportive for moderators but very honest and is the truth. they just deleted it all without any changes and even reply. so i stopped , i have enough work to spend my energy for.
here nothing works until creative mods are “creating” many DAOs for themselves (that do nothing), approving it by themselves together and deleting all the comments that say truth about them.
saying about sustainability they’re bringing centralization to NEAR, and nobody do nothing.

how the person, that came to ecosystem 2 months ago can be a Leader? what does he know about decentralization if he never met it personally? how does he leads the community? - he has nothing common to it, he came just to take as much money from NF as he could imagine. so we see many new DAOs from same people,

lots of proofs are collected, but as @Isa_Danoninho has already said - if anyone will go through it to make changes? who?


Thanks @illia @marieke.flament @David_NEAR @mecsbecs to stop the bs.

How the schemes participant can preparing something?
Please show list of your DAOs
Please show total received amount in creative dao
Please show results
Please show all reports
Please show people in daos

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you’re getting 250N monthly for exactly this job - to prepare reports

why do you ask people to do this job instead of you ?

it’s you have to check all the proposals and all the reports of Creatives DAOs that was made during last 6 months and be prepared for the call



The punitive nature of the processes you’ve laid forth is incredibly problematic and harmful to those of us who frequently participate and interact within the Creatives DAO and/or have frequently onboarded others into this community oftentimes without being resourced to do so. In fact, I’m in the thick of co-producing a multi-metaverse music festival (the 2nd annual) that will feature and engage with not only hundreds of creators and musicians but also several DAOs across the NEAR protocol and communities across the entire ecosystem in an effort to build belonging and foster cross-community collaboration.

While CreativesDAO and NEAR have become toxic cesspools imho, the way this entire situation has reared its ugly head and how it’s being (un)resolved is a page for the history books.

Several suggestions:
*Holistic processes should be implemented to ensure that moving forward, this is collaborative and fruitful rather than punitive.
*I suggest nixing the latter point which would continue to stifle innovation, dampen morale, and significantly halt community building as the development of DAOs can take a VERY long time. Even beginning stages can take months. Not saying that it should happen, however, I have built several daos across the macro ecosystem and am a frequent contributor to some of the most established, well-oiled DAOs and this process can take extremely long.
*Both qualitative and quantitative data should be collected. This can be done via interviews and storytelling circles./listening circles Data alone does not even begin to tell the story of the incredible work that many of us are doing here. Relying solely on data especially when we’re enacting systems and cultural change can lead to very problematic, toxic systems that are not representative of the culture and plethora of DAOs that exist within Creatives DAO. I wholeheartedly encourage NEAR CORE to LISTEN more.
*Host a Global Townhall with significant lead time to invite ALL DAOs here, the CORE team, mods, and so on. Through this communication vehicle, we can participate in intentional conversations and discuss solutions to ensure EVERYONE and EVERY DAO is heard instead of CORE and certain mods continuing to push forth solutions with little to no consultation from those of us who are most impacted by said policies. Ensure event has ASL interpretation and transcription available so that it is accessible to those with disabilities within our community.
*NEAR should continue to incentivize onboarding and champion creativity within this ecosystem. Many of us have spent hundreds of hours onboarding, building, creating, and pushing forth new avenues for creators to participate in our respective DAOs. There are people and DAOs who continue to push forth brilliant initiatives and events. Funding from NFT needs to be divvied out to Creatives DAO not just DEVs, platforms, and Tech initiatives. During the aforementioned processes and as they are carved out, NEAR should continue to fund hallmark DAOs and projects that provide value to our community and NEAR at large. Doing so without a buffer (timeframe to work with0, is incredibly traumatic and lacks empathy.

Lastly and more importantly, I encourage NEAR and Creatives DAO to resource a conflict resolution mediator ie Charm Taylor that also gives space to the community to be involved in carving out said solutions instead of prescriptive demand coming from NF and Top Down. Happy to connect and co-facilitate any of the above, time permitting.

Thank you for your consideration and time.
Onboarding DAO
Metaverse Music Festival


As I mentioned in the above reply, the Ecosystem is not inclusive to only Creatives MOD but for a lot of different people working in different field, DAOs and environment.

Rather than being disappointed by 1 system doesn’t mean others system will be the same.

And as I said to @Isa_Danoninho , feel free to speak up, show up your proofs, evidences or anything against any individual. I will make sure these action will have no place within our Community


Your proposal is one of the few that I supported and you resent it? I quoted your words and you consider it trolling? I thought your approach was original and creative, is that a bad thing? You talk about my activity and effectiveness in one post, and here you express dissatisfaction, how do you understand this?

Thx :relieved:

Hello everyone! First of all, @LulucaL and I are companions in R E A L life. “L” is one of the most creative and sensitive persons I know. She’s been through a lot, again, in real life, and coming here and noticing men being offensive and disrespectful with a fellow artist is just plain wrong and pathetic. I see this forum as a microverse of the planet Earth, where most people don’t know who they really are and are just scared and feeling lonely.

“We’re living in times when men commit crimes and crimes don’t have any face”, Dylan’s verse couldn’t be more accurate to describe what I see here. Man (with the help of A.I?) being complete dicks, pushing sensitive beings with arrogance, prejudice and hate against those who are different from them (women, lgbtqia+, PWD and other important groups that KNOW and FEEL their own identity, very different from these guys who never dug deep into their true selves and are stuck in the teenage era). I just wish that the owners or the big administrators of this ecosystem would take a closer look and would take actions against any form of hate or harassment, but again that would be a dream right now, since the more I read and feel things here, the more I realize that this is just a simulacrum of the world out there, where a lot of people are just competing with each other and not understanding the basic concept of a c o m m u n i t y ! *

  • I’ve managed a real one at an artistic house in the south of Brazil, for 3 years. I’ve noticed that diversity IS the key, and for that to happen we need to understand a few rules, and by rules (I tend to dislike this word or any that reminds me of the 18th century;) I mean common sense! But unfortunately most people are not ready to live in a real community, so we do need to explain over and over some of those rules. Please @Zhunda , stop with your dirty game! (where you say something stupid, than you say you are sorry and at last you go on a private message to L and try to have a intimate conversation with well known intentions) Don’t need to justify any of this here, just think carefully about your actions bro. @pathfinder for me you’re an example of a dark soul that is using technology to expand your own fears and insecurities.

Like Aldous Huxley said back in the 50’s “technology doesn’t have a side, but in the future it will be used by people to provoque fear and than people are going to vote for the one who is going to slave them”. Well he was talking about the past as well, specially during WW2. 2022 in Brazil and in many other parts of the globe this is also happening.

@LulucaL I am very proud of you for standing up for these poor men who are afraid of themselves! Everyone who contributed here to help to expose these issues, I also thank and wish all the best luck! Life is hard, but it’s the only place you know where there is still love and your favorite food. We all know who the villains are, but we shall not spend too much time on them, their life paths will show who they really are! Nevertheless, showing their hateful weapons is a good way of showing to the real creative workers here who is who. True beings stand NEAR! >Haters, go back to your mom’s belly! On that magical jelly you were loved and adored! You don’t need to prove anything, just flow and stop thinking that you head is your true self!

btw, I love you too and I also wish all the “besht” luck! (…) this is just like…my opinion man?

( ( don’t know when I’m coming back here…I have a real home with real animals and a lovely companion to look after and love!" ) )

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You’re saying the right things. There are questionable endorsements in the creative DAO.The consuls and I want more transparency and help promising young projects. You can contact any consul on the forum, any moderator of social networks and they will help you. If someone refuses to help you, tell me. There was a situation with one of the projects and a dubious operation of funds. The community wrote in the chat and could not get feedback. One of the participants contacted me in private messages, told me about the problem and concern. After providing the evidence, I examined these files. After learning that the community is right in this case, I wrote about it on the forum and asked for clarification. It wasn’t an insult. I am concerned about the reputation of the ecosystem and the reasoned opinion of the community. We must go together in the same direction for the sake of the Near ecosystem. As David said above, if there is some kind of insult, click on the complaint and the moderators will take action. There are 1000+ posts on the forum and it’s hard to read them all.
Thx :blush:

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Your thoughts are good. I agree with you that attacks and insults are bad. If a person asks about a project and helps with tips on how to improve, is that a bad thing? You could see in my forum posts that I am supplementing questions for transparency and this is not an attack. In case of good suggestions, what is my answer? I answer them with a good word and support them, I also give them advice from my side, as I see the solution to certain problems. I understand that women are vulnerable and do not feel safe. They need to look objectively and see the advantages in this. Thank you for your time on the forum and for your feedback.
Thx :blush:


No one owes me. But projects should provide good and transparent reports. If your proposal is informative and offers good goals, will they tell you that you are offering a bad project? The answer is no. If your report reveals all the work done, there will be no questions for you to clarify. If I offended you somewhere, I apologize. From now on, when addressing women, I will use emoticons so that they do not see a threat. This is not trolling.
Thx :rose: :purple_heart: :relaxed:

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A long thread here to follow.

Many of the things mentioned here are true and I can say that with the introduction of NDC working groups, the Community engagement working group is putting out something that will help solve most of this.

It’s a thing of concern tbh. With creativeDAO, I once asked to know the focus of what activities they fund because some recycled DAOs are just what you find there.
The creativeDAO has become the home of those who got their proposals rejected or closed by the marketingDAO for lack of clear metrics. Hope to have a better future with the restructuring as said by @shreyas

To be open, from the selection of the 5 moderators for creativeDAO, it was clear that many things will go wrong.

Howbeit, the @NDC_Comms’ Community engagement working group is bringing out a final draft soon and the entire community will look at it and make comments and engagements.

Thanks to @David_NEAR and @shreyas for your solutions offered on this thread.

A better community is all we hope for.


The report shared has been filled by me, by going to individual accounts on various dapps to fetch the data.

The data I’m asking is only available with councils of the groups.

How many dapps does their DAO interact with,
How many events done in real life and in metaverse and which country their members are from.

Even if I go through all proposals, I won’t find all the data .

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Nah, I disagree with this in particular, things have been tough & strict since June till now! :vulcan_salute:t5:



Passive aggressive as hell, you have a dark soul @pathfinder

So, you have power, influence, and yet no one knows who you are…

Are you a mod? Why we need to have Your support? Dealing with Creatives not enough?

So improve your approach, you are not assertive, you are inconvenient.

In short, you want to know everything about everyone in the community but don’t introduce yourself, who will trust or take into account what you say? Does not make sense.



Locking this thread as there is just name calling and blaming happening right now without anything constructive. The community team has their DM’s open to address concerns from the community. We will be posting an update about the updated community guidelines and you can add your feedback to it. Creatives DAO funding and guidelines also will be updated and posted on the forum for transparency and feedback from everyone. For everyone who has DM’ed us, thank you! We will respond to you all.