[ REPORT ] Visual ID of The Clan

We started our project of the visual for The Clan since the very early, because it came from a visual desire of having a wooden tavern as our own. Then it was constructed until it became what we are today.

Conceptualy we were always focused at using modern tools that were easy to use, as all we have were one smartphone. So the thinking of create a system that use apps combined with online tools became our path of choice.

The first very image of The Clan, was a GAN generated at Artbreed

As we had opened our mintbase store, and this was our first image.

It became our avatar. Analysing the picture, shows us some good new concept elements. An AI collab started. The tavern should look simple from the outside, with wooden elements, stone, some metal pieces. Its located at a floating island, at the middle of nowhere. With a sky full of clouds. Between realities. Like a glitch. It should have a no fixed form, that changes all the time, and it need some nice trees around. With powerfull fruits.

Then when we came closer to the door, the enviroment changes, to a beautiful place full of plants, with some wooden archs, and small stone bionic creatures lurking around, and you can see written at a piece of wood, carved down: Parents with Childrens first"

As we should enter, the interior is different from the outside, its huge, with lots of doors, a big central hall with a firewood at the middle. Lots of different creatures walking, talking, doing artistic stuff, having a good time.

As we enter, we can find a bar at the corner with some robot atendants

We grab some bevarage, and gone to the exploration of the infinite tavern. Now we found ourselves at a room with some stairs, looking like a place to eat

Then we go up the stairs, and found a corridor with infinite doors.

Each door its different, and theres creatures coming in and out, going to distant places

We went to a random one, and we found a outdoor place

And we tryed some other different ones, and even the same we had opened are completely different again.

We started a logo idea for The Clan, using only typo, to form a tower building kind of structure

In the end we developed tons of images related to similar situations, as we could use them to create the material for the social medias, the forum, and design elements, like the firerune logo, and more.


We created a workflow to build an entire visual Id with a smartphone and apps.


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