[In PROGRESS- CLOSED] Creation of The Clan Landing Page


Hi there!

We want to create a landing page for The Clan Guild. It will be a single page site, that will centralize all informations and links of The Clan easing the access to the whole community to our projects, opportunities and news.

This site will be produced in a collaborative way with all The Clan Devs of the Workship Studio. (link) and the reward will be split betwwen them.

Budget asked : 400 USD
Servidor Pinata : 20 USD month - 12 months plan - 240 USD
Domain already acquired by The Clan.

Total Budget asked : 640USD

The Clan Councils:
@whoiscavenaghi - cavenaghi.near
@duOCELOT - duocelot.near
@brunoqual - brunoqual.near
@Kynetikus - kynetikus.near



I can work on this project too! :raised_hands:

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