[CLOSED] Logo Design for The Clan Guild

Hello NEARverse.

We need a logo that represents the values of our Guild.

We made a quick logo just to try it out but it did not meet all of our needs.

To help the designers and artists, we’ll provide any information related to The Clan Guild.

We believe it is important to question.

And we encourage the use of design thinking under the understanding that this is a powerful mechanism to solve problems no matter which.

Here’s a description of our guild:

We believe that spread, share and support are important tools to build a strong community, therefore we structure our values on those 3 pillars.

The Clan Guild is a digital tavern created to support, host and inform artists on the run focused on parents with children. We support these artists in producing work that empower the community by adding value to it.

Our team is mainly composed of artists with design, music, publicity and marketing backgrounds. We manage workshops, a stipend, create marketing solutions to support artists to spread their reach more accurately, give information and develop creative bounties aimed at strengthening the community.

We are involved with the games industry, music industry, design and marketing and high end art ecosystem.

Our links can be found at our Lynkfire

Feel free to reach us at our telegram group chat. Follow us at our social medias, get involved at the forum and welcome aboard. We are opened 24 hours a day.


Fot this bounty we have a payout of 100usd at NEARs.

  • The original amount approved at the main proposal is 150usd. Ive misread it and put 100usd . we are making the amends, sending the 50usd to rhe designer - @duOCELOT

Please, post your design at the reply. We will select a logo that fits better with our needs, and we would proceed with the standard protocol ( proposal, payout, done ).



suggested someone i know to look into helping you on this, will keep you posted

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Thank u @sashahudzilin !

These are my designs hope you love it​:white_check_mark::heart:


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If there are corrections and errors you can let me know so I’ll work on something more better

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Hello good day

I’d like to partake in its project so if you don’t mind that’ll require you answering a bunch of questions so we can arrive at the desired logo that will resonate with you, represent your brand and make it stand out. Hope the questions won’t be much of a bother?


Welcome friend. Please do it! We are waiting for them ^^


Nice work my friend! We will give you a feedback ^^


Okay great
Please fill this form

It’ll help me get information I need to be able to generate ideas for the logo. Let me know when it has been filled then we take it from there.

Thank you.


Ainda posso participar?


When will this end? Bounty



I have portraited with ART. May be this will explain our vision.The Clan



sending my options, hope you like it!


Count me In Let me Show my Design By tommorow it’s take time to create Art.

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Hi there! We still not decided, maybe at the end of the month, maybe if we find the logo at some point. We will annouce our moves. It will take a while for sure

Hey there !

Logo Done for THE CLAN


The Clan.pdf (550.0 KB)

This here is the presentation of my logo idea for The Clan. I am open to making corrections or edits as you see fit.

For some reason I keep getting an error code when I try to upload as a jpg so I sent as pdf, I hope that’s okay?

I am also a motion designer and I’m open to making a logo reveal if you like.