[ APPROVED ] Bounty for The Clan Visual ID

As our project became structured, and now we have the need to pass our values and ideas, at our communication level.

Since the beggining, The Clan project was thought as a digital tavern, full of people hanging around, having fun, drinking and eating good food, as someone plays an awesome tune.

Would have a place with jobs offers, rewards and a character that would point the people to some quests. We would have a room also, that could support an artists family.

As our process is mainly web, using network tools, we wanted to bring these textures and concepts to our visuals.
Our first image was created by a gan process,
generating these two final images.

So now we have a visual of it. A digital tavern, at nowhere, thats looks like a wood tower mixed with a steam medieval cyber punk elements. Its a floating island, with a garden at outside. Everything has a purpose and meaning, as every piece works together with the other.

When you step at the door, you can see writed at the wood, deeply carved: “Parents and Childrens first”

As you go inside, its interior doenst seen to fit at the small tower from the outside. Its bigger and gets bigger as more people come in, with lots of different portals opening and closing. Looks like a medieval kind of a viking woody and stoneplace. A fireplace at the center, lights and warms everything around it. Colorful light points from different sources create uncolorful shades all over the place. All kind of people, and even unpeople hangs around, doing lots of different things fills the place with all kinds of feelings, into a joy and funny aura.

Heres lies all the ingredients needed to make a creative multimedia visual identity. We want the artist to explore the images, motion and sound. Even any responsive elements would be amazing.

We need a logo for The Clan, a one color seal brand. A symbol to be use at most of our material.

Each aplication and social media that can use images would have a piece that shows our values and aesthetics.

So we think that create a series of materials, to be used to generate these images would be a good step, instead of doing one by one.

And we need to compile all the process into a simple manual, explaining the concept of it and to be upload at the NEAR CC folders with all the files opened for be used and manipulated by everyone.


For this bounty we ask a payout of 300usd to the creator.

Heres a link our projects proposal


I will claim this bounty. Start the work now

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