[PROPOSAL] You in The Clan by Yourself Project


Who are you in The Clan? Make yourself and be rewarded for it!

The Clan is a digital tavern, but, who are the characters inside this tavern? Are you a Cyber Viking? An half man half animal? Or a dwarf? We want to know! Actually we want to see!

We will provide the ID of our tavern - spaces like the bar, the living room, the porch - and you will draw yourself and put wherever you want!

:white_medium_square:Criteria- there isn’t! It don’t matter if you think you don’t draw so well… we want the idea of how you see yourself inside the Clan. Be and make yourself!! It’s a creative exercise.

:white_medium_square:Your submission will be used as an idea and base for the FIRE NPCs

:white_medium_square:It will be minted in The Clan Store for 10 NEAR each.

:white_medium_square:The promotion of the NFT to be considered has to follow the rules of Art to Advertise and Promote NEAR

:white_small_square:You’ll earn FIRERUNES for the submission :wink:

:white_medium_square:The Clan DAO will buy 3 NFTs for support the artist. The councils will vote and choose those NFTs.

Here we have all our links:

Councils of The Clan DAO


Hi ! Saw a post on the forum. I like your designs. Will be on the telegram to follow up your work.

Also, will be cool if you allow new members to see the chat history / former discussion on the telegram group


Hello @FritzWorm ! Thanks for letting us know about that. We are already fixing this… And everyone will be able to see the previous chat! Welcome to The Clan!