[Report] VanDAO Monthly Report - March 2022

Monthly Report - March 2022

March Madness has us caught up in the rapture and progressing both in the Metaverse & IRL, which is honestly more exciting than I thought!

  • We dropped our VanDAO Membership NFTs on Paras along with a Publication
  • Telegram Group is up to 141 members and counting

Project Updates:

Rare Vandal Anthem

The video shoot with Metaverse DAO on the 9th of March went really well. We had dope wearables created by @gushlewis and I’m sitting on the rough draft of the MV edited by @GeminiRising :100:


Challenge #2 has been completed by @eiza and we’ve received the first VanCHAN story! It still needs to be edited before we publish it. But it will be done

Unfortunately there wasn’t much interest in the ExpanCHAN so we will be using the funds to purchase more VanCHAN NFTs from Paras and commissioning a proper VanDAO logo from @Japajou :slight_smile:


VanHUB is coming along at a decent, but slow pace. We’ve got the concept for the 2nd stop on the train line, with Monday calls with Jeff and the team we’re getting closer to having the space ready for when we got live with the TROACO drop. Likely now in April. Maybe I’ll celebrate my birthday in the HUB?


We’ve moved to the 3rd and almost final segment - the vocal hunt - where we are locking in the vocalists for BAYOR the VanDAO EP. By the end of March we will have the vocalists confirmed and in April we will get the tracks recorded and ready to rock!

VanDAO 3D Avatar

We selected the winner for the 3D avatar commission and was happy to get @Mofl13 put together our VanCHAN avatar for NEARHub! We’re still waiting but we’ve got some screenshots to share… Here’s one

VanDAO Studio

We secured our studio here in Lisbon and with the soft launch on the 23rd March we are ready to move into April with some cool programming courtesy of our Studio Manager @plantasia. It’s gonna be awesome!!!

Other Notables:

  • Winner of the MetaBUILD :building_construction: Hackathon for TROACO! (We won 3rd place for the Sponsor category!!!)

April Showers. RIP Alotta Money :100: