[Report] VanDAO Monthly Report - April 2022

Monthly Report - April 2022

Disruption on the physical plane was what the month of April brought. As I’ve moved from Lisbon to Tokyo and in the process enabled the expansion of the VanDAO!

The Telegram Group has had slow growth only pushing up from 141 members to 147 but in general the socials have been buzzing and with everything that’s popping off with DAOrecords right now it’s been an exciting time to say the least!

Project Updates:

The MetaWav NFC After Party

We held an amazing party in conjunction with the first Non Fungible Conference in Lisbon on the 4th of April! Our physical location was in Arroz Studio and virtually we were in the Senspace HQ, Cryptovoxels.

The MetaWav NFC After Party featured some really amazing artists and we had an amazing turnout of a couple of hundred people!

VanCHAN Challenge #4

We had 9 entries for the VanCHAN Challenge #4 where the objective was to create a song that reflects one of the VanCHAN NFTs. Here’s the Proposal Link

It was great to listen to all of the entries and only 3 will be rewarded as we finalize the winner in the next few days!

The Garden Collective

As part of our initiatives directed to the physical studio in Lisbon, we are collaborating with the Garden Collective on some cool content to be streamed through our VanDAO Studio parcel in Cryptovoxels. We did have a slight mix up for the broadcast, so it will be delayed a few days into May.

VanDAO 3D Avatar

We finally got the finished product for the VanDAO 3D Avatar proposal from @Mofl13 and super happy to share with everyone very soon, once the VanDAO Hub is done in NEARhub!!!

VanDAO Studio

With @plantasia holding down the fort we have been able to produce some amazing events inside the VanDAO Studio in Lisbon.

Other Notables:

May flowers y’all :cherry_blossom:


Oh I saw that on your Instagram… so no more VanDAL in Portugal… ooh cool

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