[Report] VanDAO Monthly Report - December 2021

Monthly Report - December 2021

Welcome to the first monthly report for VanDAO! There’s been a lot of momentum moving into the launch of VanDAO. This report will summarize all the activities and provide progress updates for the various projects approved for funding and underway.

  • Updated Linktree
  • Creation of Telegram Group & (yet to be promoted) Broadcast Channel
  • Creation of VanDAO on Astro
  • Commissioning of Rare Vandal Logo (as seen everywhere)
  • Rare Vandal Anthem posts on Medium

Project Updates:

Rare Vandal Anthem

[Proposal] VanDAO x BeatDAO Audio NFT Collaboration

  • The collaboration with BeatDAO has officially kicked off, running from 20th December through to 3rd January 2022.
  • 2nd Phase (Artwork) has been initiated via a Draft Post and collab with HypeDAO in February
  • 3rd Phase (Visuals) will be to produce a Metaverse Music Video together with MetaVerse DAO once the music is complete.

VanCHAN Style Guide

[Proposal] VanCHAN Style Guide Creation

  • @akmal has agreed to take on the creation of the VanCHAN Style Guide and there some delays to having it ready for the end of December. Likely this project will be delayed until January 2022.
  • I’ve been getting pointers from @chloe and hope to tap into the MarmaJ network to attract more artists to participate.
  • I’ll be reaching out to @starpause as well to see if we can’t also get NEARchan folk to also join in on the action!
  • My plan is to allocate funds from the VanDAO treasury to collect as many of the VanCHAN community minted NFTs as possible. Still figuring out how much is available from our treasury to do so.
  • I also hope to learn how to perform custom function calls to make this happen directly from the DAO!

Other Notables:

  • Sorted out my TipBot situation with the help of @chloe & can finally tip again! I’m using it to activate members of the VanDAO telegram via the vandao.near wallet.
  • Getting things started for an awesome projects with @Samtoshi_F_Baby via the good people at TenK.
  • Speaking with Paras about doing our VanDAO Membership NFT Auction with them.
  • Spoke to NEAR Design Guild about some potential collaborations.

Really looking fwd to what’s coming over the next few months, with all cross-DAO collaborations and new music it’s gearing up to be a MASSIVE 2022! Thanks for riding with me :100:


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